Agenda and notes for next board meeting: April 16th

  • Agenda for Thursday April 16th

    • Discuss partnership with @miles and his friend as was discussed here
    • Fundraising planning
    • Kamloops Maker Fest planning

    Anything else, feel free to comment or just edit my post.

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    Board Meeting Notes: April 16th

    Sharing space with a construction company

    • Justin and Miles will arrive around 7 to discuss
    • Concerns:
      • Security for all parties
      • The stability of this new business
      • Sharing of space:
        • do we build a wall? maybe…
        • how to navigate shared space during ongoing projects

    Could we arrange a similar deal with others?

    • Nicholas knows people who work on cars that would probably be able to make a deal similar to what Justin needs. In case something goes wrong so we can keep the space, or if the deal with Justin never goes through

    Fundraiser Dinner

    • Nicholas has talked to a caterer friend, its a go
    • Could do it in around 2 months
    • Food, labour supplied, small cut of the per plate price
    • Many ideas for raffles, auctions, silent auctions discussed
    • At the anavets place, the old beach house restaurant, venue is free
    • We will get on planning the details so that we can advertise

    Workshop ideas

    • Excavating, Stobe contracting does workshops
    • Timberframing

    Meeting with Justin and Miles

    • Justin is a reno contractor
    • He also wants to build custom trailers
    • Needs small space for tool and material storage, painting, staging, assembly, and potentially an office
    • may keep his office where it is
    • Not sure of his budget, or exact needs
    • It would be a stepping stone for him and KM, if either of us grows and needs more space, the problem is already solved by success
    • Discussion of deliniating space, many options discussed
    • discussion of security
    • Discussion of costs, budgets, and potential ways to crunch the numbers

    *Miles offers to cover us for partial startup costs, to help both his friend and boss Justin, and help KM
    *Both Miles and Justin want to be members regardless

    • We offer benefit to Justin in form of free membership
    • Discussions of risks to both sides
    • We agree to go our separate ways and crunch numbers and get back together in a week to see if we can reach an agreement

    Grant proposal

    • Brad offers some suggestions, and to compile everybodies thoughts.

    Action Items

    • Send Brad your comments in the fields of the grant application that Shawn printed for us, and he will compile it and work towards a full application
    • Think on the deal with Justin and Miles, be prepared for meeting thursday
    • Begin planning fundraiser

    Thanks everybody, see you next week.

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