Prusa is working again

  • The Prusa has up and running again. Lightly sanded and cleaned that bed. The wires were all in the right place. Recalibrated XYZ. Ran V2 calibration code. Live adjusted the Z axis.

    For future reference mineral spirits clean the bed glue off as well as limoene and goo gone is a waste of time.

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    Awesome @Grant-Fraser, thanks for the work!

    I would just add a cautionary mention that the mineral spirits should be applied as sparingly as possible so they are effective.

    They are probably more likely to react with the plastics and cause premature aging than limonene (i.e. turning the plastic brittle or causing it to warp). The spirits are a much more aggressive solvent for dissolving many organic compounds. As long as they aren’t left to pool on the surface, I would guess it is probably not going to be an issue but I haven’t actually looked up numbers for anything.

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    @Grant-Fraser thank you and @pierre and whoever else has been working on this one!

  • I tried doing some pla prints tonight… Could not get a damn thing to stick to the bed. Which is sort of typical with me and PLA. I did not start getting good prints on the prusa last time until the bed had some time to break in.

  • Hey all, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my prints in ABS to stick to the bed.

    Thin extrusions won’t stick at all, peeling off as they are laid down. This is especially problematic if I am trying to use a brim or raft, or any support material.

    The only thing I have found to work so far is turning up my extrusion width on the first layer to 0.7mm (2x default width), which gets things started. I’ve had a few failed prints after that due to part shrinkage lifting the material corners off the bed.

    Any tips?

  • I was having similar trouble, @ColeVanD suggested I use the manual dial to turn up the flow rate for the first couple of layers until I get it good and stuck. Seems to help.

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