Update signage.

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    I noticed the sign at the bottom of the stairs is in need of the pottery studio being added onto it.
    When you have time @Vaughn as resident vinyl expert, do you think you can remedy this?
    0_1513653170829_61F2C6DA-2772-4B9E-92E5-BE2AF0AB1F9D.jpeg iced

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    @Krankin nice catch. There is a signage list on the go, we can make sure that this makes the list. It is better for time and material use to do it in a big batch. Looks like @Vaughn planned ahead with lots of room. Clayspace and Classroom should both fit.

    I don’t know if there was another thread posted about it, that we could link to here. I seem to recall the shop-coordinators/building committee were supposed to be submitting signage needs somewhere.

    Anyone care to suggest other signage or the proper place to collect this?

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    Yes, indeed, some signage upgrades are on the winter hitlist - with the new Clay Space, Kiln Room and Classroom, especially. Those three rooms need their over-the-door signs, and a few others.

    @krankin I added those words to the signs at Hack Night and thanks for motivating that!

    I believe @amanda_e has sent some specs for the Clay Space and Kiln Room to Teams.

    A while back I put out a call for all coordinators to gather their signage wishlist - if they want to add their ideas to this thread, Ill do a batch of signs in the near future.

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