Where’s the door?

  • We came by for the open house tonight and the numbers on Victoria St go from 205 to 219. There wasn’t a 207 in sight…

    Where’s the door?


  • If you go into the parking lot we share with the new life community you can use the back door. We haven’t had a complaint about not seeing the building number before. Challenge accepted!

    We are directly across the street from spoke n motion

  • Google maps took us to 205 West Victoria St which is the BDC. We were nowhere close to spoke n motion.

  • Classroom

    @dbrockle, sounds like you were at 205 Victoria St. We are located at 207 Victoria St. West.

    We share a parking lot with the New Life Mission (which can get pretty full on Wednesdays). After 6 on Wednesday, additional parking can be found across the street by Spoke and Motion and Stickies Candy, or next door at Riverside Auto.

    Google maps parking view

    If you check out the link, our main entry is near the teal van sitting in the ‘armpit’ of the Makerspace building.

  • You’re looking for a building that looks like this:


    Edit to add: Picture is about two years old… The logo in the window looks more 3-d now… and there is more snow.

  • That’s perfect, we saw it as we drove by the other night.

    We should find you easily tonight…

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