Has anyone seen my portable bandsaw?

  • Little Milwaukee portable metal cutting bandsaw in a red blow-molded case. It was sitting beside the Sherline CNC mill on Monday night… Now it, and all the decent hacksaws are suddenly gone. Which makes me think someone borrowed them for a project and has failed to put them back

    The one from this thread…

    Never mind, I found it. Minus a blade. Which I assume is why it was hidden away. If you break shit, please report it so it can be fixed.

  • This is an interesting issue. I feel it doesn’t necessarily need to be a SOP, but its close. I feel that we should have a small care package for new members. A link with lots of info of various topics of health and safety and some of the basic rules over all rules and some shop rules. Someone might not know where the sharps bin is. Or where to find a fire extinguisher…SOPs… who to talk to when something breaks or make a post about it. I find that most members will pitch in to fix equipment. Also it gives more time to order or buy replacement parts. Instead of going to use a tool and find its broken when you need to use it.

    This is a big issue and people need to step forward and be honest. I understand people might be a bit fearful and shy to say********** “I broke this!” ********** We should be able to trust one another.

  • If I’d known the blade was broken, I’d have already ordered a replacement. I now have the last spare blade on it, killed 2 hours on a Saturday hacksawing with a dollar store blade and looking for the damn band saw. Finished up in about 2 minutes when I found the saw and installed the spare blade. So, yeah, I’d have preferred to know about it earlier, preferably before Friday so I could get Praxair started on the two week process of making me a couple of spares…

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    @pierre I was actually around the Fab Shop when this blade was broken by a Member whose name I do not know. He was cutting black metal tubing. When he brought the fail to my attention, I did instruct him to make a post to the forum about it, alert you specifically, and start the wheels rolling on replacing it - I am sorry I didn’t follow up and ensure he did so! I guess in hindsight I should have coached him to do the forum post then and there, to ensure it was done in a timely manner.

    My impression was that he was ‘on’ replacing the blade - when I see him next Ill ask about it.

  • Thanks @Vaughn … The spare blade was in the case, so he could have finished the job at the time… It is unlikely that he’ll have an easy time replacing the blade, given that I had some difficulty sourcing them last time. What I really need to do is buy the thousand foot roll of blade material and set up a blade welder (older bandsaws used to have one built in). Then we can just make them as needed.

  • @pierre Hi Pierre! Sorry for the delay in posting. Yes, I broke the blade :-( I would like to replace the blade, but your right, I don’t know where to get one !

    What’s the best course of action to get the portable bandsaw back up and running?


  • @JasonH don’t worry about it. I’ve ordered a replacement blade already. Saw is up and running on the spare blade out of the case. I’m pretty sure that blade was near dead already, I cut about 20 feet of 1/4" steel plate with it this summer…

  • @JasonH Thank you for reporting in! :)

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