Glazed Clay Bowl. ISO tutor.

  • Hi!

    My wife and I are brand new Members and would love to learn how to make a simple bowl on the pottery wheel.

    Are there any classes coming up? Anyone want to teach us one on one?

    Darren and Sherry

  • Design Lab

    @dbrockle try @Janet Whitehead at or @amanda_e ! They are both Clay Space coordinators and can probably help you out.

    Check the makerspace facebook events for info on classes coming up, too. Heres the link:

  • Hi there!
    Janet here. I teach the upcoming 4 week pottery courses in January. One is on Tuesday nights 6:30 - 9. And one is on Friday morns 9- 11:30.
    In the course, everyone gets a really good intro into clay - handbuilding, wheel-throwing, glazing. During the course, the goal is that you become very comfortable with the pottery process and the pottery studio.
    The course is $120 and includes materials.
    If this works for you, let me know at
    If not, we can certainly plan a time to throw a bowl. It takes some practise to get a simple bowl… fair warning. ~smile~