Members Meeting - Sun Jan 14 4 - 7 pm

  • I’ve moved the member meeting date to Sun Jan 14th.

  • Design Lab

    I made a facebook event for it:

  • Director

    I work until 5pm on the 14th so I will be late. I am still considering my schedule for the upcoming year, but as of right now I am planning on running for board again. I am excited by what the future holds for us and I would like to be a part of it!

  • Design Lab

    Shall we use this thread for the Sunday Meeting or make a new one, @kile? We could re-name (edit) the title of this thread?

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, sure!

    I don’t really see a need to rename, but if you do, then go for it.

  • Design Lab

    @kile Renaming it will make it easier to find later. Done!

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, I use tags to find things later. They are better than the title/content search, which, even if stuff is properly labeled, can generate a lot of false positives making the results harder to sort through.

    Tags for the win.

  • Design Lab

    Considering the thread will contain the agenda and notes for the Sunday Jan 14 Members Meeting, renaming it as such seems like an obvious improvement to The Year Ahead.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, to me it seems obvious that the old name identified the time period that the meeting would be the focus on planning, and changing it would detract from the focus, and place details that could otherwise appear in the body of the conversation in the forefront. This isn’t a regular members meeting, but a tag of membersmeeting (which the topic was tagged with) would allow it to be located easily as a members meeting.

    Please be careful when suggesting subjective matters and opinions should be obvious to others. It is easy for people to interpret that as an implication that their opinions incorrect, and that they may be deficient for not seeing this (as it is obvious).

  • Sunday at 4. Just bumping this up the list

  • No agenda as of yet? Or is the post just not showing up for me?

  • Classroom

    @pierre, no formal agenda as of yet, but I’ll start to post a rough outline by editing the top post to the thread. Please feel free to suggest items with a reply below, or edit the agenda if you want to and can (please track edits).

  • Fundraiser dinner?

  • Design Lab

    2018 Makerspace Year in Review - Jan. 14, 2018

    City of Kamloops
    Social Planning Council
    Arts Commission
    Scorpion Technologies – tech support, laser loan, thermoform
    KMS Tools – Table Saw and Dust extraction
    iTel Networks – phone and internet service
    SSP Plywood – 19.5 mm formply
    RONA – plywood donation
    Home Depot – wood donation
    MC2 Developments – Classroom drywall + general support
    Sherwin Williams - paint for Clay Space and Classroom
    Senor Froggy – food donations, 50% off Maker Monday
    Nutech Safety
    Princess Auto
    Funk Signs

    Partnerships and Networks etc:
    City of Kamloops
    Insight Support Services
    Skeetchesen School
    4 Directions Aboriginal School
    Christian Heritage Online School
    BC Lotteries Corporation
    Kamloops Arts Council
    Hot Nite
    New Life Community
    Kamloops Innovation Center
    Rotary Daybreak
    Kamloops Open Gamers
    Big Little Science Center
    Chimera Theatre

    Ongoing Programs:
    Maker Monday Vollie hours? Calories consumed? Do more shop orientations
    Hack Night Vollie hours? Unique visits? $1200/hack night /60K/year value

    Events attended:
    Green Expo
    Tech Brew
    TRU Innervation Hub
    100th Hack
    Art in the Park
    Pride Parade
    Family Day
    Hot Nite in the City
    Rivers Day
    Culture Days
    Art in the Dark
    Games Night
    DWIT at Henry Grube

    3D Printer Social Planning Council $1150
    Clay Space Grant Arts Commission $5200
    Hot Nite in the City Nicholas and a ton of vollies $1500
    Haunted Courthouse TRU Leap / Nicholas $6500
    Duffy’s Dinners Duffy’s Pub / Megan $250
    Lasercut pins Art in the Park + events
    Lasertube appeal Facebook / Forum $200

    101’s and Workshops:
    Build your own PC Hack, Lounge – Darren and Derp and ron_ron 1 sesh
    Ocilliscope 101 Lounge – Colin 1 sesh
    Laser 101 Lounge/Design Lab/Fab Shop 4 sessions
    Airbrush 101 Design Lab - Vaughn 3 sessions
    Vectors 101 Design lab - Vaughn 3 sessions
    Vinyl 101 Design Lab - Vaughn 2 sessions
    Laser 203 Box Making Lounge, Fab shop - Kile 1 Sesh
    Pin Cussions Craftorium - Megan 1 sesh
    Cosplay 101 Craftorium -Megan 1 sesh
    Arduino 101 Lounge/BCLC - Kile, Ron 2 sesh
    Coil Pots Clay Space – Amanda 1 sesh
    Clay Alchemy 101 Clay Space - Janet 4 sessions
    Wheel Demo’s Clay Space - Amanda 2 sesh
    Plaster Casting Clay Space – Amanda 1 sesh
    Pottery Glazing Clay Space – Amanda 1 sesh
    Monsters & Mermaids Clay Space – Kathleen Raven 1 sesh
    Lasercut Christmas Dec Lounge - Ashley & Megan 2 sesh
    Future Flux Amanda Eccleston 1 sesh
    Norse Wire Weaving Chainmail Dave 1 sesh
    Crotchet 101 Craftorium -Megan 1 sesh
    Jewellry 101 Craftorium -Megan 1 sesh
    Lathe 101 Fab Shop - Pierre 1 sesh
    Dreamcatcher 101 Craftorium -Megan 1 sesh
    Slot Construction 101 Design Lab / Fab Shop - Vaughn 1 sesh

    New Equipment:
    Sawstop Table saw KMS Tools
    Scroll Saw Vaughn donated
    6” table belt sander Dennis Mullis
    1” belt sander Vaughn loaned
    Chopsaw upgrade Bradley?
    Prussa 3D printer Social Planning Grant, Grant Fraser assembly, Multi Material
    Programmable kiln Janet Whitehead long term loan
    Pottery Wheels Potters donated
    Scorpion Mill (pending) Scorpion
    Thermo-former (pending) Scorpion
    Portaband Saw Pierre
    Clamp System in woodshop

    Rooms developed or upgraded:
    Mud Room Cleaned, new shelves and tote system, rewire
    Clay Space New pottery studio with custom worktable, lighting and shelving
    Kiln Room New Kiln Room with programmable kiln, glazing bench and sinks
    Classroom New drywall and floor, restored ceiling, pendulum lighting, table
    Woodshop New table saw with runout cabinet, wood storage, air filtration
    Lounge Space status indicator, eye candy, flat screen install
    Craftorium Funky painted shelving and cubby storage
    Electronics Lab Organization and equipment upgrade
    Hack Room Organization and cleaning

    RFID door system
    Steamlined Membership signup/payment/tracking
    Members Intro Package
    Finish Safe Space Policy
    Dish Washer
    Finish Plan Genie Process
    Signage upgrade
    Flag on flag pole
    Toaster in kitchen
    Dust extraction in wood shop
    Phone System (phone in Lounge with no answering machine or chargeable capability)
    Donation Box

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