Members Meeting - Sun Jan 14 4 - 7 pm

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    Holidays greetings to everyone, what an unbelievable year 2017 has turned out to be. It will certainly be interesting to see what 2018 has in store.

    As of late, members meetings haven’t been very well attended, and there has been some talk of moving the meeting times. Sundays were brought up as a possibility, and the evenings would suit me well personally.


    Another thing to consider: the AGM—when should we do it? A follow-up: how should we do it? On the agenda is setting the board of directors for next year, plus some pretty major tweaks to the by-laws. Before 2019, we will need to make changes to our constitution and bylaws to be in compliance with the new Societies Act. This is work that the current board can’t do while keeping the ship afloat & on-course. It would be nice if we figured out what the 2018 board will look like early, and worked to transition smoothly so that there is a plan in place, and we can just rubber stamp it at the AGM, and pass any desired changes to the by-laws.

    If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
                                     —Benjamin Franklin

    So lets have a solid plan.

    That includes figuring out who will be on the board, and what their roles will be. @Nicholas has shared a few ideas/opinions with me about board governance, and I would like to volunteer him to give a 10-15 min presentation of how some of these could work for the space.

    There has been some talk of having a visioning meeting like the potluck that we had last December, I think this would be a great idea to engage the membership in these conversations. There are a lot of new members, and it would be great to both bring them up to speed, and to get their feedback from their experiences around the space.

    So if folks are agreeable to pushing back the January 9 meeting to the following Sunday (January 14), maybe we can do the yearly steering meeting with a potluck. We could develop a meeting agenda in this thread, and then plan on doing the AGM 2-4 weeks later (once we have a solid transition plan in place).


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    placeholder post for meeting agenda

    Proposed meeting agenda:

    Recap of goals set in 2016, and events of 2017—facilitated by @Vaughn ~15 min

    2018 visioning—group discussion ~30 min

    Organizational focus

    Development priorities/desired capacities

    Governance discussion—facilitated by @Nicholas ~30 min (presentation + discussion)

    Presentation by @Nicholas (some background here)

    Discussion on governance at the Kamloops Makerspace, and 2018 directors and committees (who will commit to what?)

    Eat the foods

    eats all of thems foods

    @kile—added agenda (14jan18)

  • I am not going to be seeking a spot on the board in the coming year. Although the job of treasurer isn’t huge it does require consistent effort. I will still cheerfully fix things around the space. The space needs a treasurer and if you have the skills to balance a cheque book and can sort money into envelopes there is an opportunity.

  • @Grant-Fraser Thank you, treasurer is a vital role and coming into it at a time of considerable turmoil you have done an amazing job. I would suggest that some of the tasks of the treasurer such as dealing with membership tracking should be done in a separate role to reduce the inevitable burnout of the position. Thank you again for all you have done to grow the space, Grant.

    @kile thanks. I would love to do a presentation on governance and sit on a governance committee if the new board wishes to form one. This would be a significant help in drafting new bylaws. Kamloops Makerspace has had great growth however a strong foundation will help future stable growth

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    @Grant-Fraser, thank you for all of the hard work that you have done, and for being clear and direct about what you have decided for next year.

    I agree with @Nicholas entirely that the role of treasure needs some sorting. In particular, we are manually doing things that should be automated, plus there are the issues you mention around lacking the proper management systems to allow the load to be distributed. This is a big part of desire to get the conversation going early around transitioning.

    To be open and up front about things, Grant has made it clear that he will be stepping down, and I have indicated that I would like to remain on the board for next year. As of my last conversations with the group, the other three directors (@Bradley-Maker, @megan-fenkhuber, and @Vaughn) have not yet decided.

    My suspicion is that there will be two to three seats to fill, but four remains a possibility. We will need some people to step up for this.

    Before we put out a call for nominations, I would like to have a group discussion covering:

    • a recap of the goals we set at the December 2016 visioning meeting

    • a recap of the events of 2017

    • a candid discussion about what went well, and what could have gone better

    • our collective vision for 2018, including what individuals can bring to the table to make it happen, and how that individual effort can be best channeled to move along the group goals

    I think it makes sense for @Nicholas to give the governance rundown at the same time, because it provides a clear path to outlining goals as a group, executing as individuals or small groups, getting buy-in from the group, and moving along to tackle the next challenge.

    So, does a potluck Sunday January 14 sound like a good venue for this?

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    @kile thank you for your solid work as 2017 Makerspace Board Secretary and for getting the ball rolling in terms of the 2018 AGM and agenda.

    I would also like to thank our outgoing treasurer @Grant-Fraser for his fantastic contribution to the Makerspace - Grant, you are truly an inspiration to me and a model of a steady, effective team member. The Space is lucky to have you!

    It has, indeed, been a busy year for the Kamloops Makerspace - we have done a lot of good work and have taken the ball down the field in a number of significant ways.

    I have been working on the summary of 2017 and have some strategic goal suggestions for 2018 (and suggestions to make them happen). Ill bring those to the proposed meeting January 14th, which I think is a very good and necessary idea. I’ll make a fancy facebook announcement for the meeting to promote good attendance, once its confirmed.

    I will also gladly lead the review of the goals and wishlist we outlined at the Dec 2016 Brainstorm meeting.

    In terms of @Nicholas board governance information, would it be most effective if a thread be created for that and discuss it there? It may ‘soak in’ more if we have time to consider it before hand, and then Nicholas can really get into it at the actual meeting. Just an idea - I find that it is more effective to have a pre-notion of the concepts before the meeting.

    Having the AGM on a Sunday in mid-Feb makes sense - last years was Feb 4. It should not be put off beyond mid-Feb; lets get this done and move forward!

    I will let my name stand for a board position (subject to being nominated, of course), but would prefer a member-at-large roll, if elected. I am willing to serve, but need a reduced roll this year.

    I do look forward to continuing with volunteering in 2018 as my schedule allows, helping refine what we have created here and also refining and adapting my own approach to making positive contributions to the collective.

    Finally, I will bump the 2017 AGM thread, which has a ton of pertinent info in this regard.

  • Hi all,

    I’m out of town most of January, so I won’t be able to make any meetings then. I can make the AGM, and after thinking about it for a few days, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for Treasurer. (Are we allowed to self-nominate? If not, could someone nominate me?)

    For those that don’t know me, we moved to Kamloops 2 years ago. One of my criteria for a place to move to was an active Makerspace. My wife wanted to escape the lower mainland traffic, and we both wanted a nicer place to raise our toddler. I’ve muddled my way through doing something in most of the shops, save for the craftorium and clayspace. I’m one of the instructors for Laser 101.

    One of my challenges with the Makerspace is how I can contribute to the space in terms of when I’m available to be at the space, and not necessarily the amount of time I can contribute. The Treasurer role seems to have a nice complement of things that I could accomplish independent of a particular time or location.

    In terms of ability and experience: I’ve been on at least one Strata Council from 1998 until the end of 2017, in President, Vice-President, and Treasurer positions as well as member-at-large. I’ve dealt with bylaws, budgets, finances and financial statements, and budget woes, unexpected capital expenses, lawyers, contracts, banking, soliciting input and feedback, cost reduction programs like BC Hydro PowerSmart, accountants, minutes, conflicts, depreciation reports/strategic planning, AGM/SGMs and council meetings.

    I’ve owned a small IT consulting firm for the past 6 years, which has more of the same except there’s only me to deal with on the board :) As a consultant, I do a lot of organizing, analyzing, and communicating around data, and then automating processes once they’re understood. I think that one of our objectives for 2018 needs to be a membership system, and I feel my background lends well to this goal.

  • @Torren I will happily nominate you for a position on the board. Our procedure is to elect 5 directors and the directors then meet to fill the positions. The treasurer position usually goes to the most willing.

  • @Grant-Fraser said:

    the most willing.

    … one who leaves to use the bathroom first…

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    @Torren, that is great to hear. The type of experience that you outline would be of great benefit to the board over the next year.

    We will certainly keep you in mind, and mention your post when we discuss this at the January meeting.

    Thanks for your willingness to jump in!

  • We still don’t have a date for the January meeting. It still shows as January 9th. Which it isn’t. Should it be Sunday January 14th?

    Need confirmation for the fundraising dinner Feb 11th or postpone it.

    Need AGM date.

    The easiest way to herd cats is to go where you want the cats to be and open a can of tuna.

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    Based on whats been floated, lets do Sunday January 14th for a Monthly Members Meeting Pizzaluck 4-7 pm focusing on:

    • A 10 minute shared review of 2017 (I have a list and would like to add other Members items) led by @vaughn

    • A 30 minute discussion of the year ahead (brainstorm, wishlist, goals and what events Makerspace intends to focus on/commit to)

    • Bylaw review and any changes made for confirmation at AGM led by @kile

    • Board information by @Nicholas ? (It would be good to get some of this information posted ahead of time for review)

    • Confirm the AGM date (Sunday February 11 4-6pm?) and start nominations process @megan-fenkhuber?

    I would be up for having some pizza’s delivered around the end of the meeting. Or I could probably get a 1/2 price deal from Senor Frogs?

  • I’ve moved the member meeting date to Sun Jan 14th.

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    I made a facebook event for it:

  • Director

    I work until 5pm on the 14th so I will be late. I am still considering my schedule for the upcoming year, but as of right now I am planning on running for board again. I am excited by what the future holds for us and I would like to be a part of it!

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    Shall we use this thread for the Sunday Meeting or make a new one, @kile? We could re-name (edit) the title of this thread?

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    @Vaughn, sure!

    I don’t really see a need to rename, but if you do, then go for it.

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    @kile Renaming it will make it easier to find later. Done!

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    @Vaughn, I use tags to find things later. They are better than the title/content search, which, even if stuff is properly labeled, can generate a lot of false positives making the results harder to sort through.

    Tags for the win.

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    Considering the thread will contain the agenda and notes for the Sunday Jan 14 Members Meeting, renaming it as such seems like an obvious improvement to The Year Ahead.

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    @Vaughn, to me it seems obvious that the old name identified the time period that the meeting would be the focus on planning, and changing it would detract from the focus, and place details that could otherwise appear in the body of the conversation in the forefront. This isn’t a regular members meeting, but a tag of membersmeeting (which the topic was tagged with) would allow it to be located easily as a members meeting.

    Please be careful when suggesting subjective matters and opinions should be obvious to others. It is easy for people to interpret that as an implication that their opinions incorrect, and that they may be deficient for not seeing this (as it is obvious).

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