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  • I was looking for somewhere to put the spools of filament and realized all of the hack room shelves are full. We use EZ Rect shelving in that room.
    I’m not suggesting that we switch out that shelving for plywood. I am suggesting that we need more components. Several pairs of 48" frame connectors would give us the ability to put things on their own shelf instead of stacking heavy bins on each other. If anyone has any extra units or knows where to find some please chime in.

    edit We use 48" WB frame connectors (2’x1/2" C channel.) 10 sets should work for us.

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    @Grant-Fraser, building additional components to fit the existing shelves out of plywood could be an option too.

    It wouldn’t be too hard to bang together some removable boxes and a frame with drawer slides to fit the existing shelving.

    Readymade components to fit the system would obviously be ideal, but if we can’t find those, we could improvise.

    Stacking large bins is also an issue with the mudroom storage. It works for the bottom 2 rows, but anything higher, and bins can get too heavy for many people to lift safely. Especially if ladders are involved.

    We could go with a standard rectangular box dimension, and build frames to hold the drawers throughout the space.

    I would help prepare workshops to teach how to build drawer boxes in the style of that Japanese-carpenter-inspired box I built. It is a bit long, but otherwise the dimensions seem okay. The project is well suited to the lasercutter, and to traditional construction from various 1x board stock. I would help develop workshops for both if it seemed like others could help teach once the course material was developed.

    Edit: @kile; grammar.

  • The problem with the standard size approach is that many things in the hack room are not standard sized. Putting things in all same size boxes would lead to a lot of wasted space or things that don’t belong together in the same box. Clear boxes work better for me than plywood because I can see the contents

  • @kile a Japanese carpenter box workshop sounds excellent

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    @Grant-Fraser, I’m not suggesting that all of the storage needs to be standard size, but having a small amount set up in each room for a standard size still seems like a good idea to me. It would never work as the only solution, but I don’t see a downside for a limited amount distributed throughout the space.

    As far as seeing the contents, it would be pretty easy to add some acrylic windows to the ends of the box if desired. Personally I would prefer to see solid sides with good organization and labeling, as I think that it gives a tidier appearance, but this is certainly a subjective view that is open to discussion.

  • I wonder how other Makerspaces store things?

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    @Ron_Ron, ents has a tote system, and a big ol’closet to put the totes in. The rule of actually keeping things in totes is unenforced, and unenforceable according to @kulps-ENTS. I’m paraphrasing there, but what I really mean is that, the effort in enforcing it would not even come close to being worth the time to do so.

    I am planning on making some of these designs for my office at home, regardless of if the space decides to adopt them. Based on conversations with Timo, a good standard seems to be 6x12x24" (not sure yet if this will be inside, or outside dimensions). I’m going to make a tall bookshelf design that holds 5 of these, and one or two bench height pieces, with a work surface on top, and capacity to store about 6 boxes each (in a 3x2 grid).

    I’m pretty sure I can get Timo to help develop the workshop, and possibly facilitate a few go-arounds.

    I’d like to develop the traditional construction workshop, to be a pre-requisite (along with laser 101) for another workshop to build similar boxes using the laser.

    IMO, and as @Vaughn has pointed out many times, some basic laser knowledge goes a lot further wit some basic woodworking knowledge.

  • Dave found a pair of shelving rails in the woodshop. One shelf added

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    A clean and organization of the Hack Room would make a lot more room. Also, I am aiming towards a better display spot for the Infinity3 Cube, which will free up a shelf.

  • Looking at the instructions for the shelving unit it doesn’t actually say that there needs to be frame connectors at the top. It shows the spacing for the post connectors and assumes that if you have a tall shelf you will put things on top but it doesn’t show that. There would be no difference between having a 6 foot shelf or having an 8 foot shelf with nothing on top.

    We could take the supports that are near the top and move them down to a more useful height.

  • I bought a second hand piece of mdf from restore. It can make two shelves. I’ve installed one. Can somebody else figure out where to put the other?

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