Maker Monday, January - March 2018 (First Quarter

  • Design Lab

    To do grab bag:

    • Specify sign specs for shops and studios that need then upgraded @shop coords.

    • Insulate and re-sheet window in basement that is loose

    • Edging on Fab Shop work table @vaughn @pierre

    • Wood waste gathered out of wood shop for dump run @Bradley-Maker

    • Spec improved lighting for wheels in Clay Space @amanda_e

    • Shelf for Lounge Lizard box under counter

    • Shelf above Lounge Lizard for display of @Ron_Ron 's halobox and @Krankin 's PRV box

    • @Ron_Ron - is it possible to run your halobox off the Lounge Lizard?

    @KillwithKindness thank you for your steady coordination of Maker Monday - its a big benefit to the Makerspace.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn said:

    To do grab bag:

    I’m not sure if you have some angle iron or coping lined up for this, but I would definitely not do it in the same wood as the shops upstairs. Soft wood for edging in a metal shop would be a mistake IMO.

    @Ron_Ron and I will be around earlier to work on prepping for the course Tuesday, I’m not sure how late I will be able to stay though.

  • Design Lab

    @kile @pierre and I discussed it and hardwood was sounding like a good balance between hardiness and ergonomics (ie, tools arent damaged when dropped on it, etc.). I have my eye on a source of 1"x4" maple that might work.

    I hear you, though! What wood was used on the woodshop table? Pine?

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, spruce I believe.

    Maple sounds awesome, much heartier and prettier!

    Ripping down a 8’ 1x4 into the right thickness could do the table from a single board I think. I would use glue liberally, and put in a screw within 6" of either end and another every 1.5-2’ to hold it tight until the glue sets.

    If you look at the square table in the woodshop, you can see where the table surface is doubled up underneath with an extra layer of plywood that the edge is glued to. This is to hold it together longterm so it will stand up to quite the beating.

    Unless i’m mistaken, that table is two complete layers of super beefy ply, so if they are flush all the way around, it should be off to the races.

  • @Vaughn Yes we can do that. I do have a chromecast though.

  • Design Lab

    @Ron_Ron I was hoping to make a display shelf that allows people to see it running during open houses, etc, if that is possible? The Lizard is always running, so if the HoloBox (what do you call that contraption, anyway??) was connected to it and could be turned on during peak activity, that would be great.

    It would be good to get @Krankin 's and @Grant-Fraser 's PRV (phosphorescent rejuvenation vessel) on its own display shelf, too.

    Working the display angle - the more eye candy the better!

  • @Vaughn With chromecast many devices including the Lizard should be able to connect to it.

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    @Vaughn Not sure this is the best place but not sure where else too put this:
    You had asked about signs perhaps we could get some signs with the password for the network on them so we can point at them instead of trying to tell people.
    the only suggestion I have is the font should be such that we can tell that it is all lowercase

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    @Chainmaildave with less confusing font than on what is on the sign bellow the open/close button

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