BC Lottery Community Grants

  • Hi,

    BC LC has community grants that we should have a look at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/sports-culture/gambling-fundraising/gaming-grants/community-gaming-grants

    The “Arts and Culture” category that I think we’d fit into, has an application window of Feb 1 to April 30. The amounts are up to $100,000 per year, so there is plenty of opportunity for us here now and in the future.

    Some of the requirements are around things like minutes and financial statements. Aside from Society regulations that require these, this is another great reason to keep our books and records in excellent shape.

    I think the work involved may be far too much for one person. I’m willing to pitch in. Should we start now, or after the AGM with a new board?


  • @Torren gaming grants are the most difficult in terms of applying and most strenuous in terms of reporting. I would suggest that the application be started now by people who are willing to pursue the grant regardless of the board makeup. The best timing would be to prepare the application now and submit it after the AGM.

  • @Grant-Fraser I’ll re-read through things then and get the ball rolling on coordinating what we’ll need for an application.

    I’ve also heard that BCLC grants are tough to win. I’m hopeful that a consistent year-over-year effort will yield results, even if we’re not successful this year.

    Does anyone have experience with BCLC grants, have access to any submissions from other organizations, or know anyone that could provide guidance to us?

  • I work at the BCLC - I can ask around to see if anyone here has any advice for us.

  • Classroom

    We have been working with BCLC’s technical department on doing a few fun team-building workshops for staff. I’ve been in contact with John Atherton around this, and Pat Davis has been a great champion for the space around the workshops. I’m due to get back in touch with them after the break. This is a bit different than grants, but we do have some allies at BCLC.

    @Torren, when you are back in town, I’d be interested in talking with you about a submission for the next application window.

    This is exactly the kind of stuff we need to position us to bringing on some paid staff. This would have to be an external hire with a well defined job description, and methods for interacting with the board and members, so we have some work cut out for us, both in terms of raising funding for this, and in terms of preparing for as easy a transition as possible, but this is what I would like to focus on for my volunteering with the space.

    As soon as we are paying someone, we can make them do all the hard and boring stuff, and the core folks who are doing the admin stuff can get back to doing fun things!

    Anything that can make this happen, I feel, is worth my time to look into. Thanks for bringing this up @Torren

  • @DarrenAndSherry any luck tracking down someone who can help us craft our application?

  • @Torren : I did find someone who knows what was going on and she said that while BCLC sponsors the grants, they are administered by someone else. That means that I have pretty much zero inside information…



  • @DarrenAndSherry that is also useful information. It gets us moving forward with a regular application. Maybe we can find some advice from a different angle. Perhaps we can find someone who has been suessful in the past to help us.

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