6th Annual Family Day Festival - Mon Feb 12th 10am-2pm

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    City of Kamloops has invited Makerspace to the 6th Annual Family Day Festival, Monday Feb 12th 10 - 2 pm at Tournament Center


    We’ve been there for at least a few years and its a fun day to show our portable stuff, which we have quite a bit of now!

    Give a shout here if you up for helping out on this one - I can commit a few hours to it.

  • I can help. I’ts the family day stat holiday. We are having a time crunch for February.

    Feb 11th is supposed to be our fundraising dinner but it is not yet on the calendar. @megan-fenkhuber have we confirmed the location? Has anybody gone looking for silent auction items?

    Our AGM is suggested for mid-February as well.

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    OK we are booked for this fun day - @Grant-Fraser and I have volunteered so far to man the tables. It was really fun last year, with lots of kids interest at our table.


    @Ron_Ron holobox running
    @kile shape table game (cant remember the name of it!) also did you have that frogger game?
    @ColeVanD can we run the 3d printer? multi material demo?
    Maniquin with cosplay, masks, blender staff and assassin creed gauntlet?
    Infinity cube?
    Big ass Makerspace banner? @Vaughn

    What other shenanigans can we deploy?

  • The game is called palago.
    At the moment the holoboc just needs to be connected to a pc. I have ordered a chromecast and just waiting for it in the mail.
    The infinity cube is a bit fragile so if you bring it you have to be very careful.

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    @Vaughn, sounds good.

    I should be able to spend some time at the booth, but need to check the schedule again before committing. January and February are filling up fast.

    I’ll get Palago together, and see if it makes sense to bring the programming one. It is currently more of a 1-2 hr directed learning experience, but I may be able to adapt it. Just not sure if I will have the time.

    Written instructions for Palago will be easy though, plus there is another game with the same tiles that we could cut a board for on the loaner.

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    OK this one is next Monday - we need to setup around 8:30am. I am on point for this (I will load my truck with stuff, etc) but am hoping for a big Makerspace crew! Let me know whose in and what goodies you are focusing on!

    Here is the message I received from organizers:

    1 week until the Family Day Festival!

    I would like to thank-you for confirming your participation at this year’s Family Day Expo/Festival on Monday, February 12th. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring to this year’s event. On site to help you set up will be myself (Kelly), my colleague Audey and a couple others. We hope there won’t be too many adjustments, but if you need something done, we’ll try our best to accommodate you. We will be wearing City of Kamloops logo wear, and I’m sure will be a little red faced and sweaty, so if you need us, just flag us down.Below is a bunch of instructions (in green) for your organization. It’s not actually that complicated, but I like to be thorough.

    Parking: You are welcome to park anywhere, but for loading/unloading it may be easiest to park in Lot S (starred map attached). This is the long skinny lot between the TRU gym/science building and McGill Rd. residence. Please DO NOT park vehicles in spots with RESERVED signs. The staff side (North) is fine, on weekends but those with specific RESERVED signs are off limits 24/7.

    un/Loading: The front doors to the TCC will be locked until 10:00am so please don’t enter through the main entrance. The garage door to the field house (indoor track) will be open and is the most direct route into the expo. The garage door is located off of mcgill/college rd. (marked on the map as "unload only). You enter through a small parking lot where the waterslide tunnel comes outside of the pool. Please try to avoid parking and unloading in this parking lot for a lengthy period as it is small and can get quite awkward with many people trying to do the same.

    Set up: Please familiarize yourself with the site map (attached) and your booth’s location. Come through the garage doors to find your table. You are welcome to unload inside the building, go back to park and then return to haul your stuff to your booth location. A limited number of dollies and pullies are available, but it’s recommended that you bring your own to be sure you get one. I am attaching the site map and legend to give you a better idea of where you will be… We will have more on the day if you forget yours.

    Set up can start anywhere after 8:30am. Please give yourself enough time to be ready to go for 9:30am.

    Your tables and chairs will be set up at your booth location (look for your organization’s table label), but the configuration of your booth is up to you. Linens are not provided, but you are welcome to bring, table cloths, tents, awnings, signage (bring your own tape). If you require power, please bring your own extension cords.

    Event times: The event runs from 10:00am-2:00pm. Please plan to have someone at your booth throughout the day.

    Passport to Family Day: We hand out “passports” to the children at the event to help ensure folks visit all areas of the festival. The passport is a way to get families to your booth. The passports ask kids to visit booth and collect a stamp or sticker from the booth attendant. When their passport is full, they enter into a draw to win a prize. Please have a stamp or sticker at your booth for stamping.

    2_1517867102095_Parking Map and Garage Door.pdf 1_1517867102095_Expo Legend 2018.docx 0_1517867102094_2018 Family Day Map - Final.pdf.pdf

  • I have that day off.

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    We are booth #29.

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    Who all is going? Anyone passing my place (<-fishing for a ride)?
    What time are we meeting at the Makerspace?

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    I am going to pack some stuff tonight and then pack my truck in the morning around 8am. I could come grab you, @Chainmaildave , if needed!

  • @Chainmail @Vaughn I can pick up Dave at 8 am

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    Ok will see Grant in the morning at my house.

  • I will be at TCC working the bouncy castles. I can drop the Fundraiser dinner tickets off with you guys if one of you can grab a float.

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    Good job @Grant-Fraser @Chainmaildave @Ron_Ron @ornatesapphire and myself ;) its was a fun and well attended event.

    Need more pamphlets and a big banner!

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