Embroidery Machine (Brother SE-400)

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    @Craftorium @derpko @BlakeWolter My Brother SE-400 came in the mail :)

    Here are the first two things that came out after a little internal swearing because the thing sounds like its destroying itself briefly when it is turned on (This Is supposed to happen apparently, Thanks Brother®).

    Nifty feature: Computer will see this as a 512KB Flash drive Drag and drop .Pes file and you are good to go No Drivers Needed! It will store In volatile system memory, so save your files in a second place unless you want it to be lost!

    Software .pes files are super easy to make and there are quite a few software options too

    • https://www.wilcom.com/ Cough Made by the same people who sell the CorelDRAW Suite -
      youtube. com/watch?v=KNzTAwZShWA (Auto generated Pes from logo Jpeg/Png)
      youtube. com/watch?v=dAmrEZeLL48 (More labor but cleaner embroider pattern)

    • https://www.embird.net/ Apperently the best software?

    It can also do many colors because the built in software has ‘Layers’ Yay!

    The machine would do much better on something that isn’t hard and course with fluff… Soo like New Non crusty softer towels.

    Questions and Answers

    • Q: When can I use it? ^_^;
    • A: Wednesday most likely whenever I make it to the space.
      Also I’m going to be really Strict on who I let use the machine, These things have way to many moving parts and one wrong move can break something.
    • A.pt2: This machine is going to be working really hard to make bags so it may not be available for a while. > _ <

    Sorry If I hurt your eyes with my weird formatting

    Came with box and everything! Best embroidery machine under 500$ You will pay $1000+ for a larger machine - Brother PE770 would be a good upgrade :P

    These did not have a Stabilizer/ Backing because I didn’t have any and for that reason I used thick crappy rags for testing proposes.
    Surprise! OwO Whats this

    Xbox One Logo

  • Awesome machine. I think you wanted to use the word “strict” instead of “lenient”

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    @Grant-Fraser I missed a few things, Haven’t slept in 22 hours

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    @Grant-Fraser If a few people really wanted to embroider you can buy the more useful with a bigger area 5x7 inches vs mine at 4x4 inches Brother PE770, Its like 600-700$And perfect for a Makerspace. If the machine I have gets enough attention.

    If people wanted to fund it

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    Does the 5x7 have any issues with having to continually pay to be able to add your own designs?

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    It has a usb port on the side :) derpco has one

  • 0_1515394525277_IMG_20180105_140726.jpg 0_1515394388539_IMG_20180105_151059.jpg 0_1515394499040_IMG_20180105_154522.jpg

    My first 2 projects!

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    Pretty sure someone else has done this.

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    Just found a bunch of parts in sew art that allow me to make better looking things

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    @ColeVanD 0_1515416775388_20180108_050604.jpg

    Got a lil mangled, I can change settings to make the borders thicker too.

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