Sharing Makerspace events and activity helps a lot!

  • Design Lab

    One thing we can all do to help the Space is to SHARE our events, photos of activity, documentation of builds, etc. on our Makerspace facebook page and on your own timeline. We have so much potential content to share and can get a big awareness boost just by sharing it.

    This quick, simple and free act does so much:

    • it advertises and raises awareness of our activity
    • it helps fill 101’s and workshops
    • it makes it easy for people to share the event or activity with their network
    • it shows supporters, sponsors and funders what we are doing

    Even if people don’t actually sign up for an event or click ‘like’, by sharing it we raise awareness and it acts as an advertisement, reaching new eyeballs and possible Members. For every ‘like’ on a post, dozens if not hundreds of people SEE it and are made more aware of the Makerspace.

    So if you can, please share our events/workshops and post good photos of activity at the Makerspace - it helps the Space get its message out there and grow our Membership.

  • Design Lab

    @ColeVanD posted a cool video of his embroidery machine running last night - 250 unique views and some very engaged comments. #winning

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