Fundraiser Dinner Feb 18th

  • “Confirmation from Duffy’s for Feb 18th. Will get the tickets this week”

    Mostly this is just to make people aware. A placeholder post.

    Do we have any silent auction items?
    Do we have ticket sales volunteers?

  • I can approach the social committee at BCLC. Let me know the details as they are firmed up.

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    @Grant-Fraser, I can ask BLSC, and a few different places at TRU about silent auction items. This might help sell a few tickets.

    I only want to do this if we are going to be really serious about promotion and try to sell out the tickets. We only get to play those cards so often.

    I’ll see what the response here is. It would be good to throw the event on Facebook ASAP. I can set up a "", and monitor the box for ticket sales if we are going to go with e-transfer. I’m not sure who does the evensi stuff, but i’m pretty sure we could handle payment and keep a will-call list that way as well.

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    Ill make a facebook ad for this - shoot me the details and Ill get something up.

    Kamloops Makerspace Fundraiser Dinner
    Sunday, February 18th - time?
    Duffy’s Pub, 1797 Pacific Way Kamloops BC

    Chicken or Beef? How does that work?

    $25? Cash or E-transfer to (note: “Feb 18 dinner” with transfer)****

    I can probably convince 9 other people to come to dinner that night - put me down for 10 tickets.

  • I’ll donate a Dinner for Two for the silent auction. I’ll get one ready at my North Kamloops store. Can anyone pick it up? My week is freaking crazy, so I’m not sure I can get into the space to drop it off.

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    @Grant-Fraser if we can get the laser up and running again, i can make an iris for auction. I do have one i could donate, but i would prefer a new, clean one for auctioning off.

  • @Krankin we have the loaner laser. It may be a while before the regular laser works again.

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    @Grant-Fraser not sure the kerf on the loaner laser is tight enough for my current cutting plan. But i can still provide one i already have built.

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    @Vaughn, initial post says Duffy’s, not McCracken’s. Usually when I have done fundraisers there in the past, it is billed as a steak dinner, and there is a chicken or veg option available when you are seated at the event. Normally there are two seatings (¿5:30 and 7?). Can anyone confirm these details?

    The email address is set up (will set up monitoring for it this afternoon).

    @robert, we can organize pickup for sure, my weekend is crazy as well, but we have a few weeks to sort it out. I can swing by during the week next week, if no one is going past there sooner.

    @dbrockle, go for it with BCLC social committee, it sounds like we are trying to sell both seatings.

    I’ll hit the TRU machine up in a few places next week, Big Little Science Centre as well.

    @Grant-Fraser, thanks for being on this!

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    I updated the info I have so far - need someone to confirm details and Ill make an ad for this.
    @Grant-Fraser @megan-fenkhuber

  • Classroom

    @Grant-Fraser thanks for posting.

    Can you confirm that there are 120 tickets total (60 each for 5pm and 7pm seatings)?

    Also, for the price, the thread you posted says suggested $20. How do people feel about bumping it up to $25 per ticket? I like the idea of over half the face value going directly to the space, I think that makes for a good tagline on an ad as well.

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    OK, I think Ive got the details I need for an ad. Thanks @Grant-Fraser for the link.

    I think $25 is a good price for a fundraiser dinner - does anyone want to keep it at $20? Is the ticket price printed on the tickets? If so, Duffy’s should be alerted to that as they print the tickets?

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    Can I get a proofing of this? Can we charge $25 for the tickets @megan-fenkhuber (I think we should).

    I will publish it once I get the all clear…

    0_1516148079930_Duffys Fundraiser Dinner fb event image.jpg

    Join Makers and Makerspace supporters for food, prizes, silent auction and to raise money for the Kamloops Makerspace! Organize a table of friends or co-workers!

    Sunday, February 18th 2018
    Duffy’s Pub - 1797 Pacific Way Kamloops BC

    Tickets: $25 (choice of 6oz. sirloin, Chicken or Vegetarian pasta)
    Seatings at 5pm and 7pm

    Door Prizes and Silent Auction

    Tickets available by cash or cheque at the Makerspace (Mon and Weds 6-8 pm) or by e-transfer to (pls note “Duffy’s Dinner” on e-transfer).

    Group and Corporate tables available (up to 8 - $25/ticket)
    Silent Auction items gratefully accepted.

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    Sorry, life got off track with working a bunch of extra hours this week. I will get the tickets tomorrow and have them at the Space by 7PM.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, is the pasta made from real vegetarians?

    Looks good if we can do the price correction on the tickets.

    It appears that you are using tilde’s as em-dashes (with spaces on either side). I am guessing these are stylistic choices—rather than typographical errors—in an attempt to make everything swoopy, even the straight punctuation! :joy_cat:

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    I posted the facebook event for this - please share and help sell tickets!

    @megan-fenkhuber has the tickets - $25 each

    Door Prizes ideas:
    @robert Senor Froggy GC
    @vaughn Golden Ratio panel
    Clay Space pottery? @amanda_e @Janet

    (please edit update this list as required)

    Silent Auction:
    @krankin iris

    (please edit update this list as required)

  • Classroom


    I will hit up Big Little Science Centre, TRU Faculty of Science, TRU School of Business and Economics, and possibly one or two other appendages of that machine to promote ticket sales, and solicit schwag bags for door scores.

  • Design Lab

    @megan-fenkhuber are these tickets available? I have a few inquiries…

  • Happy to include two prizes or silent auction items of a private One-on-one wheel throwing lesson.

  • Director

    @Vaughn I will be at the space this evening with tickets!

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