Lets Buy An Embroidery Machine **Funding**

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    @Grant-Fraser also the SE-400 only does 400 stitches per minute.

  • @ColeVanD I had originally done the math wrong but still came up with the right answer. I was just trying to give an idea of what the numbers mean. Stitches per minuite isn’t the same as being able to estimate how long a project should take. Trying to make a hundred patches could take all month.

  • Hey @ColeVanD if we’re fund raising anyway… Can you price out a decent refurb 4 or 6 needle machine? They look like they would put us well beyond the home gamer feature set. Free arm features would be a heck of an upgrade, and two point hoop attachment looks like the way to go if you’re doing heavy pieces.

    This article seems to be a decent overview: https://www.craftsy.com/embroidery/article/single-needle-and-multi-needle-embroidery-machines/

  • Free arm for the win!


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    I have experimented with my PE-770 a bit since I got it (howd that get stuck there???)

    It seems to be tricky to run it stable at full speed, but then again I’m still learning the ins and outs of embroidery, so it is probably my error.

    If anyone has any specific questions about it I have the machine beside me, so just ask and @ me please!!


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    Do not contact.

    this may be a machine that we are looking at.

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    @ColeVanD, I like the heavier commercial idea. That thing is a beast, and a lot of work would have to go into the craftorium to get it there.

    If people commit to getting it sorted, and we get a solid plan in place, I’m in full support. This looks awesome. Serious though. A well documented training regime would be essential to success.

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    @kile I would love to teach people how to use embird and embroider all sorts of stuff on a larger or smaller machine.

  • There are Chinese machines available that might be worth a look? Anyways, Scorpion will throw in $100.


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    (It’s got smhoo on it because I need to protect it from french winters)

    I still have a lot of learn about the embroidery software, but here is something I drew from scratch as an illustration in my sketchbook, which I then took and digitized it into a vector using Illustrator and finally sending it to the embroidery machine to do it’s work.

    My biggest issues right now with the Brother PE-770 are dealing with transfer threads (but I’m sure I can optimize it in the software) and the second issue is that I can’t run at full speed yet because it is prone for more failures. I run at 350 stitches per min right now, It can go up to 650. I believe the problem is the cheap poly thread I have.

    Anyways… just an example of the work for the the brother pe-770 unit.

    edit: Also worth mentioning that bobbin tension seems to be a minor issue. (white bobbin thread popping out to surface)