Fluidized air bed

  • This is very cool!!!

  • Classroom

    I’ve been looking into these a bit as well. It looks really cool when you turn of the air and everything ‘gels up’.

    I believe that noted pseudoscientist Graham Hancock and others have hypothesized that some type of ‘sonification’ of sand was involved in the building of the pyramids, and it was this forgotten technology that allowed massive blocks to be moved into place.

  • There is a pretty neat, I’ve been toying with fluidized sand for lost foam and lost pla casting of metal for some time. It also works with propane instead of air if you want to be able to draw with fire in a sand bed… It is a really neat effect.

    As for pyramid construction, my favorite explanation is this one: http://blog.world-mysteries.com/mystic-places/the-great-pyramid-and-transport-of-heavy-stone-blocks/ because it seems most plausible. There’s an alternative method using a cunningly crafted road bed shaped like a series of bumps so that the center of gravity of the block remains constant… but it seems much more difficult to do at scale than the rolling carrier idea. That said, find any of the youtube videos of Wally Wallington doing his thing. He has some dirty tricks you might find handy one day.

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