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    Paul Clark of TRU has invited Makerspace to be a ‘client study’ for his Applied Strategic Project. While the notice is very short and I personally cant do it, I wanted to share it in case others might like to take it on.

    Apparently, Makerspace would receive “a completed strategic analysis of approximately 20 pages in length. This document is aimed to provide client organizations with a review of its current Strategy and recommendations on how to improve its Strategy” done by the class.

    The process (as I understand it) would require at least one Maker who knows whats going on to attend 45 min meetings this Monday Jan 22, Monday 31, Monday Mar 12, Weds march 28 and Mon April 9. Full details below.

    So if someone would like to take this on, give Paul a call a the number below and he will take it from there. I have indicated that I can’t do the meetings, but would support it and share info, if I can help.

    Thompson Rivers University
    Applied Strategy Project
    Client Project Overview
    January, 2018

    To further introduce this project, please see the information below:


    1 Your organization will receive
    2 Class times and class room location
    3 Group sizes
    4 Important dates for client participation and what your organization can contribute
    5 Applied Strategy Projects ½ point Client Feedback and form
    6 Applied Strategy Projects Finished Project Client Feedback and form

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your involvement in this project. And, if any of the above dates or other aspects of this project change, I will let you know asap!

    Most importantly, thank you in advance, for your involvement in this project!


    Paul Clark
    778 220 7108

    Your Organization will receive:
    • Client organizations will receive a completed strategic analysis of approximately 20 pages in length. This document is aimed to provide client organizations with a review of its current Strategy and recommendations on how to improve its Strategy.
    • Students will be able to sign a client NDA before beginning the project. Please let me know if this is desired.

    • Organizational Strategy (4780-04).
    o Monday and Wednesdays, 5:30-7:20 am. In the Old Main Bldg, room 2761.

    • The class has approximately 30 students, including students from Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, India, China, Africa, and Canada.
    • Overall, these reports are worth 35% of the students overall grade. And your feedback will represent a % of their project grades.
    • For each client project, there will be 3-5 groups of students. Each group will include 2-4 students.

    Clients, please:

    1. Keep in mind it would be beneficial for the students, and the quality of their Strategy analysis of client organizations, if people from different levels and different roles, within the organizations attend the above mentioned workshops. Through these different perspectives from different operational levels, students will be able to see a broader view of the organization. For example, if the Marketing coordinator, General Manager, and a Board member could attend it would provide the greatest diversity of perspectives. So, I hope 2-3 individuals working with your organization will all be able to attend at different times.

    2. Be transparent. Share with the students the organizations performance (including financial information, budgets if possible). Ideally income statements and balance sheets for the last 2-3 years would be available to the students. Also, please let them know about problems or challenges your organization faces.

    3. Provide Feedback. Read and provide clear written feedback on the student reports at the ½ point, and upon assignment completion (each completed project will be approximately 20 pages in length).

    In process ½ way Base Case Feedback: For the first submission you will receive is a “Base Case” overview of your organization. I will email you copies of the students projects. I hope you can both give % or some kind of clear evaluation about the quality of these reports and also return these reports to me within a week.

    Completed Project Feedback: I will also email you these reports. Again, I hope you can review them before attending the students presentations. As with the ½ point feedback, please also give clear feedback about your perception of the report quality.

    1. Attend strategic analysis and action student presentations: I hope you can attend the student presentations for your organizations on the scheduled date. Please let me know if any dates or times are more convenient for you and I will adjust presentation schedules to your convenience as much as possible.

    Important Dates and what your organization can contribute:

    1 Attend the following in-class workshops to introduce your company and also meet and talk with groups of the students and answer their specific questions. These workshop times are during regular class-time, and in our regular class-room.
    Significant dates & times Topic
    Wed, January 17
    Time: 5:30 to approx. 6 pm Client Introductions. In approx. 15 minutes introduce your organization, including information about the number of staff, target market, the range of products / services you provide, performance measures, organizational history, goals (maybe Mission or Vision?) of your organization. Our class is www equipped so you are able to refer to your organizations www site when introducing your organization if useful.
    Mon, Jan 31
    Wed Feb 7

    Time: 5:30- approx. 6:15
    Clients will have been selected and student groups will be working on understanding your organizations “Base Case” or current situation.

    So, information about your organizations internal and external environment is needed.
    Externally, information about: laws or regulations, market trends, influences of new technology, competitors, regulations you need to comply with, and other significant market factors.

    Internally, includes understanding your organizations competencies, resources, and management preferences, and how your company tries to differentiate itself in the market.
    Mon Feb 26
    (no class visit) Student’s “Base Case” reports are submitted to clients.
    Clients, please try to return these reports within 1 week.
    Mon March 12

    Time: 5:30- approx. 6:15

    Students will be working on improving their knowledge of your organizations “Base Case” and also exploring possible strategic recommendations.
    Mon March 26 (no class visit) Student completed strategy projects are submitted to clients
    Wed. March 28 & Wed May 4 (5:30-7:20) or Mon April 9 & April 11 (5:30-7:20) Student Presentations to client organizations

    *Some student groups will also proactively contact client organizations for smaller discussions. I hope you, and others at your organization, will be available outside of the above workshops to meet with students. I am very happy to discuss with you about possible windows when clients may be available for these meetings.

    0_1516145231837_Applied Strategy Project Overview For Client Jan 2018.docx

  • I can get this started. I can do the meeting tomorrow. Is there anyone willing to chip in and attend later meetings? It wants a diverse range of viewpoints. The PDF for the brochure would be nice to have as well.

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    5:30 am has to be a mistake? There aren’t any TRU classes scheduled then.

    The formatting of the post and attached document make it hard to determine how many class visits are actually required. I could probably commit to 2.

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    I emailed Paul and copied you, @kile and @Grant-Fraser.

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    I am willing to attend classes but probably not tonight (Jan 17 if I am reading this correctly)

  • Tonight has been rescheduled. We are carrying on the conversation by email right now and will post an update as soon as we are clear about the schedule.

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