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  • Costco led tube replacements are $30 a pair. That’s $60 per fixture. This is the best price I’ve found locally. That is still cheaper than replacing the entire fixture but not cheap. The light is 4000k which is cool white. If anyone has other suggestions feel free to chime in.®-4-ft.-Non-Dimmable-LED-Tube-Light%2C-2-pack.product.100328796.html?pageSize=96&catalogId=11201&keyword=led+tube&langId=-24&storeId=10302

  • Does BC Hydro have any programs for funding that would apply to us?

    Have we considered the long-term implications of upgrading a building that we may well move out of?

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    @Torren We would probably keep the old bulbs and take the new bulbs with us to the next building.

  • @ColeVanD I totally agree that we should take as much of our stuff with us as we can - we just need to watch the formalities in our lease agreement so that we don’t run afoul of it. has similar looking lights in 24 packs for what works out to be 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of the Costco ones. Do we have a target of how many we’re looking at? What’s the consumption difference between these and our current tubes?

  • @Torren To the earlier question, there are no rebates for lighting right now. I’ve also been looking at Aliexpress to save money. I’m not sure we could fund the upgrade the way we funded the plywood purchase. The demand for tubes is more of a commercial market.
    Power consumption is about half of the fluorescent tubes. There are some savings but not enough to justify the purchase on it own. This is more about the quality of the light. Getting rid of the flicker of the light. That sort of purchase would not be eligible for a rebate. The idea is to upgrade one or two rooms and see if the result is worth it.
    If we need to move we could either sell the lights to the landlord or we could put the original bulbs back. Not dead bulbs. That has no class.

  • I just want to say I love you all for looking into this!

  • I visited Costco and found the bulbs to be $18 per pair so $40 is enough to fix up one light. I will install these in the clayspace soon and see what result we get.

  • If those are the Lumunus 18W tubes from Costco, I installed a pair of them in my kitchen. They are great.

  • The 4 tubes have been installed in the clayspace. Very bright, no flicker. It would be better to have 2 fixtures in that room with 2 bulbs in each. At least we have confirmed the LED bulbs will work in the older fixture.

    Using 2 bulbs in a fixture puts out as much light as 4 of the ordinary bulbs we use now. It would cost about $20 per fixture to upgrade.

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    @Grant-Fraser Nice one! Thank you.

  • Wow, I’m almost in shock at having such great lighting in the clayspace! Thanks so much! Agree that two bulbs in a fixture would be plenty. Two above wheels would be nice down the road, but no rush. The new upgrade lights up the whole room quite well.