Espruino Pico

  • For those who are interested in Arduino like programming, but aren’t enthralled with the prospect of learning C/C++ then you might want to look at the Espruino Pico:

    This is basically a small 32-bit ARM processor (STM32F401 with 384K flash and 96K RAM), which is running JavaScript.

    It turns out that this processor is also suitable for running MicroPython on, so you will see MicroPython ported to this very shortly after its released.

    There is 4 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

    Disclaimer: I signed up for the Ultimate Toy Kit.

    I also have a few (3) of the original Espruino boards that I’m not using, and if anybody would like to play with one, let me know. I wound up getting hooked on MicroPython instead.

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