What would you like to learn in the pottery studio this February?

  • I’m not going to set up a session of Clay Alchemy for February. Instead, planning to get some things organized for making glazes, and other things we’ve not gotten to yet in the Clayspace. SO, could I do a couple free workshops for you? Would you like a wheel-demo and hands-on wheel throwing one night? What else might you like to learn?

  • The science end of it is what is interesting for me. Refractory compounds, Zirconium Oxide (they make kitchen knives out of this stuff! Can I do that? I have parts for a hydraulic press… I think pressure and heat are involved.), things I can use to make tools. I already work with red hot steel, what can I coat surfaces with to contain heat both to minimize oxidation of the steel surfaces and to improve efficiency?

  • Design Lab

    Glazes, making Makerspace swag we can sell or silent auction, seeing the rotary tool happen and doing wood rolling pins with it!

  • @Vaughn the motor for the rotary tool is in customs in Richmond

  • Ceramic or glass parts are often used in high-voltage circuits to avoid flashover too. Can we make those?

  • @pierre These are tough questions for me. I have no idea, but I can tell you exactly what the kiln fires to, and how it can be programmed, and we can see what’s possible?

  • @pierre If it’s ceramic, it’s possible. The kiln is not ideal for glass, from what I understand, thought glass can be fired within a ceramic piece. Again, some research, and let’s go from there.

  • @Vaughn let’s brainstorm clay swag: mugs, mugs with log, mugs with “I make shit”,
    “I make, therefore I am,” bowls that everyone desperately want - not sure what yet, but besides bowls and mugs, what else? Jewellery, candleholders, plaques, I’m trying to think of something super simple, but super cool…

  • I wouldn’t mind making statues.

  • Pottery Studio

    @Janet I haven’t yet had a chance to see a wheel-demo or try throwing. If there is going to be a workshop for that again I’d love to get in on it.

  • @KassMcMullen ,yes, I’ll set up a wheel throwing demo/practise. And maybe an basic intro to how to make things less likely to blow up!

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