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  • I was at the space yesterday, and leaving at 5pm, when someone rang the bell to come in. I let them in and they said they were there for an event published by the City called “Unplug and Play”, which listed Kamloops Makerspace as hosting an event that night from 5-8 with tours and displays. Unfortunately, he was the 5th grade teacher at Pacific Way elementary and had invited some students to come down as well. I showed him some of the space, but I had to leave to pick up my children and nobody else was there. I stayed until 5:25 and spoke with them and explained the space, waiting to see if anyone was coming. It was unfortunate, and we looked pretty unorganized, so we may want to contact the city to see why we were listed on their program if we didn’t have anything planned or anyone to host. I don’t know how hack night is supposed to work, but there wasn’t anyone there for that as well, so nobody would have been able to get it either. I wish I could have stayed longed to help out, but I was already 20 minutes late picking up my kids. Just wanted to pass on the information.

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    Thanks for pinch hitting, @robert. We were properly listed in Plug and Play, but unfortunately @Chainmaildave, who usually opens at 5 pm, had the flu.

    My own schedule allows for volunteering 6-9 pm Weds nights - I’ve never been able to start at 5 pm.

    Thanks to volunteers @n0pe and @krankin for doing tours and demos, as well - it was a good and steady Open House notwithstanding the 5-6 pm hick-up. We saw about 25 people through (a few of which mentioned Plug and Play), the Clay Space and Hack Room was happening, signed up a family membership, ran the laser, vinyl cutter, 3D printer and helped a few people fix stuff, etc.

  • @robert We do have pathlets in the lounge to hand out. It talks a bit about the space and it has hack night info on it also…

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