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  • Hey, so I’m thinking about starting a smaller project to get started with improving my skills in one art form and going from there. Thinking about woodcrafts, specifically relief carving and figurine sculpting. Is there anyone here who could show me what’s available as far as tools and resources go?

    Also open to other art forms as well, so suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

    It is by descending into the pits of one’s personal hells to conquer them and make them part of one’s strength that one realizes what is called “true power.”


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    @Psykan, the woodshop is fairly basic, and is set up more for general purpose projects than carving specifically.

    That said, @Bradley-Maker is a skilled woodworker, and could probably help you figure out the order you would want to get some of the tools in, and some projects to start with. Bradley has taught at Waldorf schools in the past, and mentioned to me that the first carving project there was to try and carve a sphere from a cube. I’ve wanted to try this one for a while, it takes sharp tools, and sharp focus.

    @Vaughn is another wood carver, but I think these days he works more with power tools than hand tools. He would be another good person to talk to on the topic.

  • Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Carving a sphere from a cube sounds like a good starting point for me, as well. Aside from sharp tools and focus, it sounds like a considerable level of hand and finger dexterity would be required as well. That happens to be an attribute of mine.

    When I went down to the Makerspace on Tuesday, I noticed quite a few works that piqued my interest; some of the bead artworks, for example. I’m also interested in textiles and fabrics.

    Just brainstorming some starting points, rally.

    It is by descending into the pits of one’s personal hells to conquer them and make them part of one’s strength that one realizes what is called “true power.”


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    @Psykan, sounds great!

    I believe that the ‘bead artworks’ you are referring to is probably the pearler beads (¿spelling) from the Craftorium.

    @megan-fenkhuber is the coordinator of that space, and @KillwithKindness is another active member there.

    Personally, I find one of the challenges with all of the action going on around the space, is that it makes it time to focus the time in one craft, that it really takes to excel at it. I have gotten a little bit better with a lot of things since I started at the space, but the only one I have made real progress in (IMO) is vector design (because its useful for all original cnc work).

    Part of this is definitely my ADD (it seems to be fairly common around the space). I would suggest picking something, and spending most of your time on that, but keeping your eyes and ears open for what else is going on. It is really easy for me to get distracted, but really important to put in the work to really be skilled at something.

    Here is what some old Greek guy said (or what some bi-lingual Greek guy translated it to, not sure, don’t speak Greek)

    We are what we repeatedly do.
    Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

  • It’s interesting you should mention this, as it’s something I’ve pondered a lot, myself. However, through my own life journey and experience, I’ve learned to take a holistic perspective approach to things in general; regarding creative works, this would entail finding a starting point, which is where I am now, building a bit of skill in that, then starting another art form and taking note of all the parallels and commonalities that exist between the two. From there, I would be taking things from one art form and applying them to the other, making adjustments as needed; in this way, I can grow and develop my skills in multiple art forms, but as one collective whole.

    In other words, instead of taking individual straight-line paths for each art form, my path would resemble an expanding circle–or perhaps a shockwave, starting from a point of origin.

    The circumference of this expanding circle is my path; the area within is the scope of my skillset, and ability. At first, this growth would be understandably slow as I build my first skillsets and figure out how to best adapt and apply each art form with th others. Eventually I’d get into the swing of things; a creative rhythm of sorts, and I’d be able to accelerate my own creative and artistic growth.

    While I can’t speak for the prevalence of ADD at the Makerspace (and would rather not cross that line out of tact), I’m actually hyperactive in body, mind, and spirit–but have no trouble with focus and attentiveness. You could say I have just the “H” of “ADHD.” A lot of this is a result of my own efforts and self-development, and one of the main reasons I like the Makerspace is that it’s a great opportunity to adapt this life experience and put it to the test for creative purposes. There is a lot of spirituality and spiritual awareness involved in this, which may or may not have a place in the Makerspace.

    But still, the hardest part for many artists and artisans is getting started. Once you get the that point, things become easier, since one can let motivation, enthusiasm, and determination lead the way.

    As for the quote, I would say that excellence is more of a state of being; someone who is truly excellent will never have to speak for their own excellence, because it will manifest through every aspect of their being and everything they do. It’s similar to what it means to be a “warrior,” or a “sage,” or the like.

    …Haha, and reading all of this, I wonder if there are any creative writers here? We should get together and let our thoughts flow like a meandering river–or perhaps crash into a basin as a torrential cascade of words.

    There is no end to inspiration!

    It is by descending into the pits of one’s personal hells to conquer them and make them part of one’s strength that one realizes what is called “true power.”


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