Blacksmithing workshops in Vernon

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    So I just had a gentleman (Pat McIvor) reach out from here to let us know that he is offering blacksmithing classes at O’Keefe ranch (near Vernon) two weekends a month.

    I remember touring that shop nearly 20 years ago, and being very impressed. I usually think of it whenever I drive by there. Really it is more of the sights and sounds of the forge and quenching hot metal that I think back too. That and the taste of the old fashioned root-beer candies from the store. I’m sure the shop is actually about 1/2 the size i’m remembering, but that would still make it a decently large size.

    If we had enough people interested, I’m sure we could set up some group lessons. We could run it as a KM workshop and include travel/lunch/registration perhaps?

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    i’d be interested.

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