Makerspace Drone Flyby Footage - Flag for flagpole?

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    Hi Makers,
    We’ve had an offer of aerial drone footage of the Makerspace building we can share on the web, which would be rad!
    I wondered about making a flag for the flag pole - I believe @megan-fenkhuber might have fabric for it?
    Anyway, I would like to get back to Josh about doing it, but thought it would be cool to have the flag up. Anyone want to help make a Makerspace flag for this deluxe flagpole we have?

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    Josh Hyder is making amazing drone videos and would like to ‘buzz the Makerspace’. This would make for great promo footage and up the recognition of our building. Any ideas on this, other than getting the flag up? Maybe he could film us hoisting the flag?

    Never hoisted a flag before, come to think of it…

  • Looking for holes in the siding where the wind comes in would be my priority.

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    @Grant-Fraser always thinking!

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