Cordless drills

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    We identified getting more drills at our last meeting. KMS has two sets on sale:

    I would rather spend the $250 on the Makita set rather than the $240 on the Dewalt set. Before we spend money do we have any ideas or does anybody want to chip in? Does anyone have a working cordless drill to be donated?

    Right now we have two Jobmate drills with limited battery life and a light duty drill in the hack room.

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    @Grant-Fraser should I make a facebook appeal for good cordless drills? Ya never know, we might get a few.

    Otherwise, I support equipping the woodshop with good cordless drills. I think the charger should be attached permanently to the wall to avoid wandering…

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    I posted an appeal on Makerspace fb page…

  • Scorpion will kick in for one. As part of the decision about what to buy, think about your wish list of future cordless tools, and check if the drill manufacturer offers those tools such that they use the same battery pack as the drills.


  • Brian was nice and retired these drills from Scorpion.

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    Sweet! Thank you Scorpion Technologies / @BrianB ! That’s a few hundred dollars saved right there…
    I posted a thank you on the facebook page, too.

  • As a guy who uses these daily and a die hard Dewalt supporter. Buy Milwaukee.

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