Arduino/Raspberry Pi project

  • Hey everyone! Had this crazy idea the other day. I 3D printed a Mario star, and added lights to it. Was thinking it might be cool to somehow have it connected to my RPi (or Arduino, or both) so that whenever someone follows my streams on Twitch, it starts flashing. Any suggestions on where to start, if this is at all possible?!


  • Have you looked at esp8266?

  • No I havent, but looking at Adafruit’s site it looks like that one might be discontinued, and difficult to work with? This is their updated one:

    Will this need to be added to a full Arduino or will it be able to control the lights on it’s own?

  • How do you know when there`s someone following a stream

    Do you have a static URL that you can post

  • I’ll get notified through a website called StreamLabs when someone new has followed me. Apparently there’s a way to do it through the API?

  • @kylejdyck if we can get the URI for the API, we may be able to get the lights to flash. What’s the full url of your notification?

  • @kylejdyck The Adafruit HUZZAH is like $10 and you pay for shipping. I would recommend the D1 wemos mini. Both are compatible work arduino ide. I can get a D1 wemos mini under $6.

  • I’ve read through the source code for the lamp project that @Ron_Ron posted and it’s a great start (a little more complex than we need, but the URL parsing is perfect).

    The code requires a REST API port to get the data from the internet - I’d still like to know exactly what you type into your web browser to tell how many people are following your twitch account.


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