Clay is here!

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    The clay order arrived. Yippee! I am collecting money for each box because I ordered it through my credit card. We have 20 boxes of M340 and 3 boxes of M390 available. You can find pricing info below. Please note a 40% portion of each sale goes to MakerSpace for ClaySpace material expenses such as glazes, kiln supplies, and others. Please do not help yourself to the new clay until you have paid for it. Once bought from me write your name on your box in the Studio.

    44lbs - 1 box M340 = $57.72 member price
    22lbs - 1 bag M340 = $28.86 member price

    44lbs - 1 box M390 = $60.41 member price
    22lbs - 1 bag M390 = $30.20 member price

    For non-members each box of clay is $75.00 will all profits going to MakerSpace. A bag is $37.50.

    Email me your order and Etransfer your funds to to secure your clay. First come first served. Thank you all so much!

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