Makerspace T-Shirts & Hoodies

  • Hi all,

    A couple of us have thrown around the idea of Makerspace T-Shirts and Hoodies as a fundraiser and also for some espirit de corps. Everyone I’ve talked to loves the idea.

    I’d like to know what people might be interested in, so that we can narrow down the options and get an idea of quantities.

    Are you interested in short sleeve t-shirts, stronger long sleeve t’s that you can wear in the shop, pull over hoodies, zip up hoodies?

    What colour(s) would you prefer - keep in mind our logo colors of black and orange.

    How many do you think you might buy (this isn’t a request for a commitment, but please do be realistic).

    Any other input?

    Once we have a better idea of what people might be interested in, we’ll put together some mockups and gather some pricing.

  • Are you able to do hats?

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    I would want a zip-up hoodie and maybe a T-shirt

  • Sturdy, short sleeve T-Shirt in black with an orange logo would be my preference. Long sleeve black would work too.


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    @torren Yep - a black zip up hoody and a black short sleeve shirt for me.

    Here is a potential logo - not sure where the graphics would land on the garment:

    0_1518069429145_KMS logo FEB 2018.jpg

    We could put a shout out on facebook and see who might like to pre-order one, once we have a proper visualization and price point.

  • I would love 2 t-shirts :-)

  • I’d be happy to contribute by buying a bit of Makerspace swag. I’d probably go for a hoodie or a hat if given the choice.

  • I’d do a hoodie!

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