Members meeting Tuesday February 13 th

  • On our calendar is a members meeting for Tuesday. Agenda item so far is planning for AGM.

    Family day was good. We need to refresh our props. The kids didn’t have much to play with and some take always would have been nice

    We told hundreds of people about the Wednesday open house. Tens may show up. A bit of cleaning after the meeting would help.

    I would like to make a walk through tour video of the space a week from Wednesday. If we could have someone in each shop to show the features of the room that would help. Think of it like a digital tour.

  • Classroom

    Thanks @Grant-Fraser that sounds great. I was over at my buddy Josh’s last week and he was showing off some new camera gear, and we were talking about reshooting the old tour that is on the youtube channel. I will see if he is free wednesday

  • Design Lab

    @kile Josh and I discussed doing a drone flyby shot of the space, too, which would be great. Best to let the weather improve and get the flag up first for that

  • I am going to be about 15 min late because I work until 6.30

  • Meeting Minutes

    Called to order at 6:45 PM

    Present: Kyle, Kile, Pierre, Riss, Ashley, Darren, David, Sherri, Beth, Grant, Megan

    - AGM planned for March 25th, 2018.
        ○ Bylaws:
            § We need to make a working group to discuss bylaws before the AGM
                □ Need to have them updated for legal reasons to reflect current and recognized best practices
                □ "Aspire to do better" - Kile
            § Virtual meetings using teams
            § Volunteers for working group
                □ Megan - Chair of group
                □ David
                □ Pierre
                □ Darren
                □ Kile
            § Provide interim report BY MARCH 4th on forum
            § Include a list of necessary changes and call for comments, suggestions - due by March 11th
            § Final report due March 18th
        ○ *Action Item for Kile* 
            § Set up Teams for Bylaws 
                □ 1 new account (Darren)
                □ Add Megan, David, Pierre and yourself
            § Email Nicholas re: joining the discussion
        ○ *Action item for Megan*
            § Make a forum post re: Bylaws and anyone wants to join need to email Kile to be added/new account
            § Add to calendars
        ○ Location: Kamloops Makerspace
            § Ashley to make taco bar
            § Donations - appetizer, desert, or cash!
        ○ Time: Meeting @ 4 dinner @6
        ○ AGM agenda
            § Report from the Chair
            § Treasury Report
            § Passing of bylaws
            § Selection of new Sacrificial goats
        ○ How AGM should work
            § All reports should be prepared and published to the forum BY MARCH 18th.
            § Reports are read by concerning party, approved by membership
    - RFID report - from Kile
        ○ No new information
        ○ Still trying to source a door
        ○ Home Hardware was non-responsive
        ○ Need to set up a new working group/building committee
        ○ Grant volunteered to take on the door sourcing. Once we have a new door Kile can source carpenters to fix
            § Kile suggests insulating the room and building more secure shelving at the time of door installation - full room overhaul
    - Parking lot ice
        ○ Cole, Ashley and Kyle volunteer to chip the ice off the parking lot and apply salt tonight
        ○ We need to be on top of shoveling the front walkway - its on everyone.

    Meeting adjourned @ 7:37

  • I have enough hardware to record the inside walk-through video, too.

    If that helps.


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