broken website and mail chimp

  • There is a free version of mail chimp we could use to replace the paid version.

  • While I was at the BCLC table for the fundraiser last night I was chatting with the Director for our department and she said that she would be open to the idea of working with us to take a look at our website.

    Can we come up with a proposal that we could pitch to her to see what type of help we could get? She mentioned that she may be able to make some of our web developers available for a few hours during their work hours… maybe.


  • Chats is missing

  • I found a different mailer module that just uses your smtp server to send mail. I’ll try to get @kile to set me up a email address on the current mail system, and have the forum send mail from that. We really don’t need all the analytics stuff, and I’d actually prefer to have the mail come from one of our mail addresses, rather than some sketchy marketing spam outfit.

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    So is the logo. this is what i’m seeing, i’m using Safari
    0_1519528198418_Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.09.34 PM.png

  • @DarrenAndSherry That’s a good idea. Did anything come of this?

    Still can’t believe it’s not butter…


  • @lrietze My BCLC contact asked for us to put together a well defined request for assistance. I don’t know nearly enough about how this website works to even know if we can chunk it down into manageable pieces to ask for help…


  • As a very high level, how about moving the NodeBB to a server hosted at iTel, and setup Seltzer on a server at iTel?

    @pierre @Grant-Fraser what do you think?

  • Brian has informed me that the loss of communication with KM has caused him to stop thinking about us. He used tio get daily digests that kept him up to date on what was happening but it’s been weeks rinse his last update. There are probably many more people that feel the same way.

    The last conversation I had on this subject with Pierre is that he had still not been given access to be able to back up the website. The website has no backups. Without access we cannot fix the problem. Maybe things have changed. Maybe they are about to. I’m hoping that the people who can fix this issue make this a priority.

  • Last night at the member’s meeting we were able to fix part of the broken forum (YAY!). @pierre and @kile are going to work on the email issue.

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