Froggy CNC Router 101

  • I would be interested in teaching a Froggy CNC 101 class with a little help from my friends.

    What steps do we need to cover? What resources do we have? Has anyone done this before? Are there notes/instructions?

    I was thinking of covering:

    • turning a vector into g-code
    • loading the bit
    • turning on the hardware / software
    • safety protocols
    • loading material on to the bed
    • setting the machine’s origin
    • cutting the material (with pause/resume)

    Anything else I should cover?

    Can I get a big monitor for the PC for the night?

    How big should the class be?

    Do we think there’s a need for this class?


  • Sounds like a great idea. I’d be happy to help with either planning or makterials, I was planning to get one together soon as well and have put some thought into it. Some suggestions based on previous classes would be: 1) make sure that we work on one project from start to finish, instead of letting each person find and convert their own image. This makes sure that everyone gets the basics and isn’t held up by individual image issues. Make time at the end for personalized projects. 2) Go step by step through converting Raster to Vector to G-code so that everyone understands the difference and potential issues. 3) Keep it to 2.5 D for the first class, don’t get into 3D yet. A couple of layered cuts at different depths shows the possibilities. Make sure one cut includes a bit change, so they see how to do that. 4) Try to include one detailed, impressive example to give food for thought for future projects.

  • I guess also have extra cutting bits. I am sure we have enough eye protection, but more is always good also. I wouldn’t mind learning how to use this machine also.

  • I think we may want a Part 1 and Part 2.

    For Part 1 I think I’d like to invite people to send their finished vectors to me the week before and I can create the 2.5D g-code ahead of time.

    We can then run through one entire example with the entire class of creating g-code, and then run the pre-computed cut files on a single piece of material by resetting the origin multiple times.

    We can save the more complicated items (like true 3D and bit changes) for Part 2.

    I think that’ll let us keep both halves under two hours each, with time for each student to touch the machine if they want to.

    But, I could be persuaded to change my mind…


  • Design Lab

    I’d be in for that, and thank you @DarrenAndSherry and @robert for initiating it!

    Lets set a date and Ill make an advert for it - the longer lead time the better for the ad.

  • @DarrenAndSherry some people learn best with hands on experience. watching someone do something isn’t the same as being able to participate.

  • @Grant-Fraser Exactly! So I think two parts makes more sense.

    @Vaughn lets schedule it for March 22, that’s a Thursday about a month from now… I’ll send you a couple of photos…


  • @DarrenAndSherry This will be helpful to you. It is a link to the ‘Workshop Basics’ thread on the forum.

    In that thread is a link to the ‘Workshop Application Form’ but I am also posting that link below.

  • FYI. I remember Aras did images on night lights from the doller store.

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