• We have a group needing help making a sign. Conversation is here:


    Short version:

    “large cutout for the event, TEDxTRU”

    “The event is next Saturday and we seriously need some sort of cutout of those letters”

    Looking for someone to help. “Anytime today after 4 PM, Sunday anytime until 4 PM, Monday after 1 PM and anytime on Wednesday.”

    “A very hearty donation will of course be made as we recognize the short time frame we’re working with!”

  • Design Lab

    @Grant-Fraser I messaged them on the facebook thread.

  • Member

    @Vaughn I saw your message on fb to them. I assume you have volunteered to help them out with this then Vaughn? If not i could offer some help

  • Design Lab

    @Krankin - we got the laser cutting done earlier tonight and they will be painting the letters over the next few days.
    Thanks for offering though!