AGM-March 25

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    1. Roll call
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    2. Accept agenda

    3. Bylaws
      Having already reviewed the proposed revisions to the by-laws, we will have a brief discussion for clarification on the intended interpretations of the language in the by-laws, and then vote on adopting the new by-laws. Amendments will not be made during the meeting, the options will be to approve or reject.

    4. Election of board of directors

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    This is a placeholder post. The AGM is 30 days away.

    We need an official announcement (If there is an explicit one outside of meeting minutes & I missed it, please disregard; else, this is that).

    Details are listed in the previous members meeting (will link later, on mobile atm).


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  • Action items for the AGM:

    • elect new board
    • ratify new by-laws

    Last year before the AGM we had some nominations for the board. I think that anyone who is interested in running for the board or anyone who wants to nominate someone should state so here (or in a separate thread maybe). I am seeking re-election in the position of Secretary.

    If the new bylaws are ratified, the board positions will be:

    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Director-at-Large

    It is my understanding that the position of treasurer will be filled by @Torren and the vote will merely be a formality.

    One other thing… We had discussed having a taco bar at AGM following the meeting. There have been some concerns that this may be messy/complicated and there is a lot of potential for cross contamination. Roast Beef/Beef dip has been suggested or strogonoff. Does anybody have an opinion?

  • @megan.fenkhuber Strogonoff sounds like a good solution - it’s self contained in a single bowl - no mixing, cutting or sorting required.

    And it’s fun to say ‘Strogonoff’.



  • @DarrenAndSherry said:

    @megan.fenkhuber Strogonoff sounds like a good solution - it’s self contained in a single bowl - no mixing, cutting or sorting required.

    And it’s fun to say ‘Strogonoff’.




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    For the election of directors, we need to decide on the election format.

    Last year we just voted for up to 5 people each, and the top 5 were the board (who then settled positions). I think we should change this year.

    I still like the idea of a board of 5 (I think 5-7 is the language in the by-laws, but how that number gets decided isn’t clear).

    I think a secret ballot where each member is allowed to vote for 5 directors should decide the board. Saying each member may also endorse one of those five names as each of pres, v-pres, sec, and treas seems like the best option to me as well. The candidate with the most endorsements takes the position. Candidates should also clarify the positions that they will be willing to serve in before the vote as well.

    I am seeking re-election to the board, and the position of President.

    edit 22mar18 - clarified grammar

  • @kile if you want to have an election where people run for a specific position it is normally done as a multipart ballot. If you want to try this we may have to do it as 5 separate elections because the group is so small. A matrix seems too complicated

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    @Grant-Fraser, maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see how it has to be complicated.

    If everyone writes down 5 names, and may put one P, V, S, and T down after the names, then to tally it there would be 4 columns next to a list of names.

    Due to the new board role descriptions, we are substantially changing the actual working structure and power dynamic of the board if the proposed bylaws are ratified. To the point where I feel that the membership must decide the actual roles, and not just let the directors sort it out.

  • Tie votes make it complicated.

    A reminder to everyone: Pay your dues before the AGM in order to be eligible to vote.

    I just made a Facebook post about the AGM.

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    @Grant-Fraser, if there is a tie, by that time you have drastically reduced the combinations, and have likely elected a board already. Either the other directors on the board (hopefully 5 total so 3 others) vote to break the tie, or the membership revotes with only 2 or 3 options instead of whatever n(suckersInTheRoom) is equal to.

    So even if the is a tie, I don’t think it would last past one more round of ballots however we do it.

    Either way we need to clearly define how these roles are to be decided. I would be much more comfortable if the membership has direct input into the process on some level, beyond electing a board and letting them sort it out. If I’m in the minority, that’s fine but I would like to hear more people weigh in.

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    @KillwithKindness said:


    'Strogonoff’!? :O

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