Prusa MMU

  • The Prusa MMU is installed. Mechanical bits are done. Tomorrow is testing and tuning. If someone with linux knowlege can upgrade slcer on thethe prusa computer that would be great

  • cool

  • Hi Grant, was in with a student today and noticed the upgrade. Was able to use PrusaControl on my PC to generate the appropriate GCode, unload filament and load filament.

  • Did you make dice? lolz

  • We are getting closer to being able to print in colour. The program was missing several options and @Pierre noticed that the OS was only 32 bit and not 64. We ended the night with an OS upgrade. It important to know that any gcode that was sliced for the I3 MK2 won’t be compatible with this printer. You need the latest version of Slic3r that can specify the I3 MK2 MMU.

  • Like pierre said:Still no dice" lols I think he meant that both with and without a the pun

  • I got a couple prints last night completed with ABS on extruder #3. :smiley:
    Everything came out really well and stuck onto the bed.
    Thanks for all the help Pierre!

    The spool is still loaded if anyone wants to use it.

    To get the ABS to stick I had to set the print settings on the first layer at 1.2mm wide. Anything less and the parts will lift mid print or not adhere at all.

    If anyone is printing ABS and needs support material down to the print bed, I’d recommend building a small raft into your part that the support material prints onto and make sure that raft prints with a big fat bead of filament. Ultra thin layers like support material won’t stick to the bed at all with ABS.

  • I’m very close to having reliable settings to do a m multi material printing 101 even if it just covers printing colourful pla

  • Well I messed up, and the prusa is down now as a result.

    I went to print ABS and removed all the PLA from the multi material tubes… or so I thought. There was a line of filament hidden in the tubes, and it made a giant glob around the extruder. Took things apart to clean it, and notice a lot of heat damage around the heating element wiring. In reassembly one of the wires to the element broke off.

    So the prusa is down now, I’d like to pay for whatever parts will need to be replaced. Also would like to help repair, and beers for the fixer.

  • We have a spare nozzle from the upgrade.

  • Pierre and I have worked together to fix the Prusa. I have time the XYZ calibration and I think I finished the first layer adjustment. Someone needs to make a test print and maybe do the live adjust Z.

  • Thanks guys. So what kind of beer do y’all like? :smile:

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