Sound Therapy: vocal toning and using crystal singing bowls.

  • I have 7 crystal singing bowls that are tuned to the 7 main octaves. I have hosted workshops at several festivals and used to do a session weekly when i lived in grande prairie. I would like to host one at the makerspace most likely in the classroom every 2 weeks or more often if popularity is increased. does anyone have any suggestions on which day to do it?

  • I would suggest Tuesdays. We often have workshops on Thursdays as it is so maybe some on a Tuesday would even out the week. Mondays are more of a maintenance day and Wednesdays are the open house hack nights.

  • The bigger question is what days work for you and what works for your usual customers.

  • If we get to vote, I’m going to go with Tuesday as well…

  • okay i brought all of my bowls over and did a sound test in the classroom. everything works well and i would like to do it on tuesdays. i am planning on hosting my first workshop on the 13th at 7pm, i now have to figuure out how to post the workshop up on this website and how would i post it on the makerspace facebook page?. Going to make some posters at home and print off a few to disperse threwout town. if its not conflicting with anyone else4s schedules i would like to try and do it every tuesday and see if popularity grows… Possibly if it becomes a regular event i would like to build some storage shelves to keep the bowls in the classroom as they are fragile and it does take a bit of effort to cart them back and forth from my house in north shore every time.

  • @azure Please reference this post for how to set up a date for a workshop. Thank you.

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