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  • I posted this a couple days ago but it doesn’t seem to have made it. We really need to fix the forum.

    As some of you may know, a group is looking to organize Repair Cafe events in Kamloops. Repair Cafes are being run around the world with great success. The idea is that someone brings in an item and works with a mentor to diagnose and (hopefully) repair their item. The mentor will be advising, not fixing the items themselves.

    These events would closely align with part B and C of our constitution:
    b. To organize and host workshops and events focused on teaching specific or broad skills related to tinkering, using tools, and making things to members and the community
    c. To provide related services and tools for fostering creativity and progress in the arts, science, and technology as determined by the members

    I hope to eventually offer organizational supports for them under Scoperta Resources, however, think that I will not be going quick enough to do so for their first event. I would like to have Makerspace support Repair Cafe for their first event at Green Expo this year on April 28th. Other organizations supporting us in our infancy was the only way we have been able to succeed. I feel it is extremely important that we pay this kindness forward. Makerspace (hopefully), Makerbus, and other groups will be there and will have a great impact on our community.

    I will look into the insurance implications and will report back. I will also be bringing this proposal to the next members meeting and will approach the Repair Cafe organizers about a membership or donation to the space.

    Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. I am taking responsibility on this for the makerspace front if we go forward to ensure it is taken care of. I also hope some Makerspace members will join us as mentors.

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    Looks good, @Nicholas - thanks for posting! This is definitely up our alley. It would be good to have a new run of pamphlets ready for this event. We are out of them now, I think.

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