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    As per the members meeting on February 13th, we formed a committee to review our current bylaws and see what was needed to do in order to bring them in line with the new societies act. Upon review by myself, @DarrenAndSherry and @Nicholas, we determined that the easiest course of action would be to start over. We used the Societies Act’s model bylaws and edited them to suit our needs. I am posting them here for review by the membership. All reviews, comments, questions and concerns need to be in by Sunday March 18th!



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    @megan.fenkhuber @DarrenAndSherry @Nicholas: Thank you for plowing through this!

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    Is a member a person who pays dues or are dues for access to the facilities at 207 Victoria st W?

  • These look great!

    Do we want to include steps to remove a director from the board?

    Does a member who’s not in good standing have any other consequences than expulsion after 6 months? Should they lose access to the space?

    What are the voting thresholds? 50%+1, 60%, 70%?

  • @Chainmaildave A member in good standing is one who has paid their dues or is in arrears with special permission.

  • @Chainmail @Torren Perhaps we should create a guideline regarding who gets keys and when they have to be surrendered. Once we get the by-laws passed we can start building the guidelines to control things like keys.

  • At the meeting last night we edited the title of section 2.6 to Termination OR SUSPENSION of memberships. This was to alleviate concerns that members who are opting out of membership temporarily (for various reasons) would then be forced to pay for months that they were not around. The other concern that was viced was the wording of president versus chair. It was determined to keep the board role will remain president otherwise there would be confusion between the Chair of the board and the chair of the meetings.


    • “4.3 The Board may, at any time, appoint a member as a director to fill a vacancy that arises on the Board as a result of the resignation, death or incapacity of a director during the director’s term of office.” - we could edit this portion to include the removal of a director, or we can have a guideline for that to be written later

    • If/when we get the RFID system, members not in good standing would automatically lose access to the space. Under the current key system, technically those members are only allowed to use the Space on Wednesdays but it is really difficult to enforce. I agree with @DarrenAndSherry that we should have guidelines for key control in the interim.

    • Under the new societies act, 2/3 of those present is what is required for a motion to pass. We stated 60% in section 8 for ratification of guidelines, but that could be more clearly stated in the section on voting at meetings as well.

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