Members meeting 13 March 2018

  • I would like to confirm the members meeting and suggest an agenda

    Members Meeting 13 March 2018 starting at 6:30 PM
    Proposed agenda

    Discuss this year’s Green Expo and Repair Cafe -Nicholas
    Go over proposed bylaws
    Discuss solutions for forum and MailChimp

  • Classroom

    I will be there. We might also have some students from the TRU class in management strategies who would like to attend the meeting.

    Hopefully we can make this one work.

  • I can’t make the meeting tonight. We have discussed applying for a BCLC grant, and that I would lead that effort. I would love some help on that, if someone could raise this item and see who has time to offer it would be appreciated!

  • Director

  • @Torren I can help as needed. How would you like me to start?

  • Classroom

    @DarrenAndSherry, @Torren I can also help.

    I can dig out some of the numbers that we used for the NSERC grant that we will be receiving through the BLSC.

    We should sit down and look at what the target grant is and what the application can include. I have some people/organizations in mind for reference letters as well.

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