Video editor wanted

  • We shot a video of a makerspace tour last night. I plan to shoot more videos in the coming days. Can I get some assistance with video editing? It would be awesome to upload some more social media content.

  • I have edited some videos in the past… Where would I find the source files, and what do you want done with them?

  • I haven’t uploaded the file yet. It’s one continuous shot. It would be best to cut out any walking down the halfway without speech.

  • I can help with that, too…

  • @DarrenAndSherry Cole put the files on the lounge lizard computer. I hope in an easy to find place.

  • I have the 30 minute tour edited down to about 8 minutes - it’s still waaaay longer than more YouTube videos I watch, but it’s pretty tight.

    I’ll put it back on the lounge lizard.


  • It inched its way back up to 10 minutes.

    The titles are just placeholders for the ones that we eventually want in there - just let me know.

    It’s in a folder called “Tour Video” on the lounge lizard.