Girl Guide Visit - Tuesday May 1st, 2018 @ 6:15-7:45

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    The same Girl Guide group who came for a tour a couple of years ago would like to come again. There are 16 girls and they have a budget of $15 each. @BlakeWolter and I have come up with a rough program for them to complete in the 1.5 time frame they have, but we will need at least one other member to run the third station. We are going to make Laser Cut survival kit boxes with vinyl cut decorations (and maybe some painting if there is time)


    • Drop off - ensure all girls have signed liability waivers
    • Quick tour with the whole group (?) 15 min
    • Split into 3 groups (2 groups of 5 and 1 group of 6) for 3 stations
      • Vectors and vinyl cutter (20 min)
      • Laser cutter (20 min)
      • Survival kit innards construction (20 min)
    • Construction/decoration of kits (20 min)
    • Pick-up - offer tours to any parents who want

    I can cover the kit filling construction, and @BlakeWolter can cover the vectors or the laser. We were hoping to set the 3 lovely space computers @ColeVanD set up in the classroom for the girls to play around with vectors. Kit set-up can be in the lounge, and laser in the obvious location.

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    "What a survival kit looks like and what should be in it will vary depending on who you talk to. Most people agree on the basic contents of a survival kit:

     Knife – multi-purpose but not bulky. Don’t skimp on the quality of your knife
     Compass & GPS & map – know how to use what you carry
     Flashlight/headlamp – with extra batteries
     Matches/lighter – matches in a water-proof container
     Fire starters/candle – cotton balls coated in Vaseline
     Whistle
     Solar or space blanket
     Garbage bag(s) – preferably orange
     Orange reflector vest – I hike in hunting season
     Extra food – protein bar, nuts and dried fruit
     Water
     Toque and mitts or gloves – depending on the season
     Bandana
     Standard first aid kit

    These items are basic depending on where you are going and for how long. Many others items can be added. Some of these are: duct tape, flares, fishing lures, hand lens, multi-tool, needle and thread, pencil and note book, rope, safety pins, saw, signal mirror, snare wire, SPOT, water filter or purification tablets, Ziplock bag(s). The list begins to look somewhat daunting but you would be amazed at how compact all this can be if you are creative. And remember the extra few pounds could save your life." Source

    We probably will have to cut the larger things out (like flashlight and batteries), and if we use orange garbage bags they can double as the hi-viz vest.

    Another idea is to make them as small first aid kits instead containing:

    • Band-aids
    • blister pads/moleskin
    • a sanitary napkin
    • gauze pad
    • medical tape
    • small scissors
    • tweezers
    • alcohol pads
    • paper and pencil

    I think we will need to make an example box and decide which kit will fit better in them. Most of the components can be sourced relatively cheaply if we buy a larger box and split it up.

  • @megan.fenkhuber I personally love the small first aid idea :)

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