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    We had a visit tonight from someone whose bike was stolen, and has reportedly been seen in the lot next to our building. There is a photo below. If you see this bike (may have bright green painted shocks) please phone the RCMP.


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    Emailed text:

    Hi there, my bike was stolen the other day. Here’s all the info incase someone brings it around.
    Make: Trek
    Model: Lush
    Size: Medium
    Serial number: WTU228G018
    Police file number: #2018-9316
    Colours: purple frame, purple pedals, blue grips, blue accents. I have been told that the forks have now been painted bright green.
    A man who saw my bike said that it was being ridden by a stocky Caucasian man in his late 30s/early 40s.
    My contact info: Martha Jenkins, 1-902-523-3515

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