Froggy Mill Display Down. Please Help

  • I was at the space today with my daughter, and the screen for the Froggy Mill was going crazy. It was fine until you entered the password and got into Linux, and then the screen went crazy every time you moved the mouse. At first, I thought it might be the new monitor that was there, so I grabbed a new one from home, but no joy. I tried booting into Windows, to rule out the video card, but it looks fine in Windows, so that can’t be it. I changed the VGA cord to make sure that wasn’t it. I switched the mouse out to rule that out. I tried rebooting in safe mode, but I know precisely nothing about Linux, so I didn’t get far. Because you can’t do anything with the mouse without the screen going crazy, I couldn’t do anything else. If someone who knows anything at all about Linux or that system is able to take a look, I would really appreciate it, as my daughter really wants to make some jewelry for her friends and I really want to be the hero that makes it happen. We tried for two hours today, but had to admit defeat. If a new computer it required, I have several, so I can supply one, but I don’t have a clue how to install the control software we are using for the system.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

  • Those are some admirable troubleshooting steps. It looks like you eliminated all the easy parts and now it’s up to someone familiar with the system to take over.

  • It seems to be working now. I changed it back to this monitor.

  • Thanks Ron. My daughter will be very happy, she was pretty disappointed. Have a great day.

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