Volunteers needed!

  • Classroom

    Hey all, I should have posted about this a while ago, but I’ve been so busy that it slipped my mind.

    The BIG Little Science Centre has an event tomorrow (Mining Day, 10-3 at their location—655 Holt St), and the Kamloops Makerspace is going to be there. I’ll be around from about 9:30 until the end. This afternoon I will be at the Space working on getting the wind tunnel and/or blender-bike dialled in. BLSC will have a ton of their own interactives as its at the Centre, so it should be a really fun one.

    Help would be welcome for tonight (not really sure what i’m doing with either contraption, yet), and the event tomorrow as well. Even if you can’t help man the booth, it would be great to see some Maker’s there with their families!

    Please contact me if you can help either this afternoon/evening or tomorrow.

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