Maker monday mission: revive the roaring windtunnel!

  • Classroom

    Okay. So, we need to start having guided activities at hack nights to keep the promoscience tap on.

    One often discussed piece o’ kit for STEAM demos is the wind tunnel, but alas, it is some time since her fair winds have blown. I’m hoping to get it up and running before Wednesday, so we can advertise it as our first guided activity under the program, and get the ball rolling.

    I’m teaching at Skeetch tomorrow, and may need time when I get back to finalize and email the Community Gaming Grant documents in, but straight after that i’ll head to the space and work on it. Any maker Maker Monday maniacs, or even mild mannered morally-supportive Marvins would be much, much appreciated!

    And @pierre, if you have any spare parts from the former assembly kicking around that may be of use, it would be great to have them.

  • What kind of STEAM demos are you looking for? I am sure I could make a few STEAM things. :)

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