Spring cleaning

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    Hey everybody.

    The woodshop needs its annual cleanup, i call it the purge.

    Sometime in the next couple of weeks i want to get in there and really clean it out. Empty the scrap bin, purge scrap materials and half finished projects that have been collecting dust.

    I’d really love help doing a dump run. Mainly the pick up truck part. I could probably awkwardly fit all of the woodshop trash in my suv , but i just gave it the annual cleanout! I don’t want to fill it with sawdust already. Plus, there is probably a lot of other stuff around the space that should go too, as usual.


    If you have projects or materials in the woodshop, please go in and either remove them or name and date your belongings with green tape so they aren’t trashed or reallocated.

    If you are a shop coordinator or otherwise know of something for the dump around the space, post back here so it goes with the rest.

    And if you’d be willing to offer up a pickup truck for this mission, please post a reply or get in touch with me.

  • I picked up my chop saw. It wasn’t being used.

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