woodshop waste bin

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    The waste wood bin one the wood shop is overflowing. Can we arrange someone with a truck to dispose of it?

  • Hi Krankin,

    If someone is around to help me get it downstairs around 5/6 ish tonight, I could take a load to the dump :). I just can’t lift much - hurt my shoulder badly this weekend.


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    @BlakeWolter there should be a few people around. i’ll be there

  • I could bring my truck in tonight for a wee bit, but I got a last min project hurled at me, so I have to deal with that tonight.

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    Aaron, Travis and I took many garbage pails of wood waste along with some bags of garbage into the ASK truck to be taken to the dump. We were not confident in taken that bin down the stairs so it is still in the woodshop with some sawdust and a few small pieces still in it.
    Thank you to Cory Doyle for use of the vehicle.

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