IT LIVES! CNC router table

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    @jay soent some time resurrecting it. Turned out it was simpler to fix than expected. Just some disconnected wired
    ![0_1527987329704_265DBB0F-A823-4361-9D71-F647911F03A7.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

  • Here’s what I found when I looked at it with Kyle:
    -Found CNC software. Big “G” icon in left icon bar.
    -Swapped keyboard. “A” key and others were dead.
    -Removed ball mouse (clogged with dust). It already had a USB laser mouse connected anyway.
    -Power plug from CNC power box was plugged into itself. I unplugged it.
    -Power plug connector was so corroded it was almost black. Sanded with sand paper.
    -Power cable was too short to reach wall outlet. Kyle found a short extension cord and plugged it in.
    -Stepper motor control shield was completely unplugged from Arduino board. Plugged it back in.
    -Y-Axis was “stuck”. I unstuck it.

    After all this, I was able to test the CNC live with the CNC software by sending it “Move” commands. All axises (X,Y,Z) have been confirmed to work !!! I did not test the full range of motion though.

    Here’s a question for anyone who can answer it…
    Why is there a QUAD CORE 3.1 GHz i5 system being used to send TEXT documents to an 8-BIT CONTROLLER at 9600 BAUD !?! I have an Apple 2 circa 1984 that could do this job just as well.

    There is a Pentium 4 sitting on the hack table (needs HD) that would be more suitable for this task. I could setup Ubuntu 18.04 on this box. (Ubuntu 15 is on the current system)


  • Curious as to how the CNC was setup, I started digging around the Internet to see what I could find.

    This is what I found:
    -The Arduino is using a Synthetos gShield to control the 3 steppers
    -The Arduino is running Grbl CNC control software.

    • The version we are using is very old (v0.8 at best b/c it’s stuck at 9600 baud)
    • Newer versions are VASTLY FASTER and provide more ACCURATE movement
    • Current version is 1.1

    -The Linux box is running Java and "Universal-G-Code_Sender"

    • It is also many versions behind current
    • Newer version of Grbl require a newer version of Universal-G-Code_Sender

    If the software was upgraded, our CNC would be VASTLY faster and more ACCURATE and would amount to a super awesome upgrade to the CNC with no cost and very little effort.




  • That is how my draw bot and the sherline cnc milling machine is set up to use.[link text](link url)

  • @JasonH The computer may have been oversized for the task of allowing a person to edit their drawing without leaving the workspace. Or it may have been what was available at the time. Thanks for getting this running again.

  • I cobbled together an Athlon X2 system from the Maker space with 4GB of RAM and installed Ubuntu 18.04, specifically for the CNC.
    I will install the latest CNC software on it when I get chance.
    The PC is under the 3D printer and has my name on the side of it (green tape).
    Login password is “makerspace”, all lower case, if someone wants to install java and the CNC software before I can.


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    If anyone is interested, I use bCNC ( as my control software for my arduino/GRBL powered CNC
    I like it better than Universal G-Code Sender, but YMMV

    Also, there have been some pin changed on the arduino/GRBL since I believe v0.9
    be cautious of those with your shield to avoid unexpected results.

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