Weekly Founders Meeting Notes

  • We are going to post weekly founders meeting notes to this thread from now on.

    These meeting happens every Friday at 1pm. We mainly discuss administrative stuff about how to move the foundation forward. It is open to community members to participate. Usually we meet in the co-working area at KIC. Just send me an email if you want to participate, and I let you know where we are meeting that week.

  • Meeting notes – November 20, 2014
    Present: @teastman Jordan @arasbm @lincolns and @merlindb

    The 3D printing workshop was great, thanks to @dhylands that made it an awesome and engaging event!
    Another great success last week was the launch of this community site, I hope you are all enjoying it so far :smirk:

    Action items for next week:

    • Jordan will finish the landing page
    • City planning grant application must be send out tomorrow!
    • We will start a committee here to look for potential spaces, @merlindb is taking the lead on that
    • @teastman will finish registering the society
    • We also need to start preparing the next maker workshop for December 10th
    • @arasbm @teastman and @Nicholas will start a cost spreadsheet to estimate the budget we need

    I am hoping in our next meeting we will focus more on financial plan.

    Aras, Nicholas, Tyler and Jordan met later in the day to work on the forms to apply for city social planning grant.

    @Nicholas has agreed to be our treasurer :+1: He has the experience and a great plan already to keep all the financial records open to the community. I will let him explain the details when things are setup. But I am really excited to have him fill this much needed role :)

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