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    Hey all,

    I am making a sign from laser cut acrylic and was wondering if anyone in the forums has experience with bonding / glueing acrylic? The research I have done has suggested to get a solvent type bonding agent - such as Weld-On 40 or Tensol 12 - however the local hardware stores don’t appear to carry that in stock. Is there a place online in Canada / in-town that sells a solution similar to this? Or is there another option for bonding the materials?
    I did see that I could make it myself by combining scrap pieces of acrylic and acetone, but that’s a less desirable route…

    Thanks in advance!

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  • You might be able to get away with using CA glue. Such as gorilla glue. It might not always cure clear though.

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    @Ron_Ron From what I was reading the chemicals in CA glue can cause the acrylic to turn white. I’m assuming it was clear acrylic they were referring to though, so I may be safe with my opaque white and red.

    Still can’t believe it’s not butter…


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    gluing and solvent welding are different physical/chemical processes, gorilla glue might work, but its a different thing altogether

    the MSDS for the product in the video above is the pdf linked above. It is mostly DCM (aka dichloromethane, methylene chloride). We used to have a couple bottles around the space, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

    I’m not sure if there is a hardware store source, a couple mins of quick googling doesn’t seem to indicate so. I might be able to get a gallon or so (i.e. big big supply for solvent welding) through the chem department at TRU, ill look into it

    edit: could also try acetone and even ethyl acetate (both nail polish removers), acetone with bits of acrylic dissolved in it can even make for a more viscous solvent mixture, which is similar to traditional glues in the ability to fill gaps:

    Acetone can cause cracking & discoloration (read lower tenstile strength etc) as well, so be warned, DCM is more betterer

  • Industrial plastics and paint is a retail store in Kelowna. I don’t know that they’re the best. I would look for similar companies that sell the raw plastic to the public as they probably caŕry tools and supplies.

  • Cory says All Glass caries it. He makes lots of acrylic stuff . You would have to reach him on Facebook

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