What's wrong with the planer?

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    Hey all,
    Does anybody know what’s wrong with the planer? I went to go use and it and saw the message “Danger. Do not use.” written across it.


    ![0_1532190887413_IMG_20180715_155601.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Still can’t believe it’s not butter…


  • Anyone?

    I’d start by checking that the blades are firmly mounted before powering it up… ?

    Maybe even take the cutter head off entirely and see if the motor
    still works. Then check the cutter head for balance, then try
    putting it back together?

    A 20k RPM wobble would ruin your day.

  • @Krankin says the blades are out for maintenance/replacement…

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    Thanks pierre and Torren. Any word on when the blades will be back?

    Still can’t believe it’s not butter…


  • @lrietze @Bradley-Maker do you know the planer blade status?

  • I saw @Bradley-Maker installing the blades last night. Reminder to people using the table saw - use the correct blade for the job you are doing. If you are using the planer or the joiner make only the thinnest cuts with each pass. Less than 1/8 inch at a time. Make sure there are no nails or staples in the wood.

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    Brad had taken the blades out to be sharpened as they were in poor shape. He got several blades for the woodshed sharpened. T
    hey are back now

  • Note for future: when you mark a machine as dead, leaving a note so the reason is not a mystery is nice.

  • @pierre I agree completely. I think every machine should have a log book beside it so that notes can be made as to the cause of the problem etc.

    Creating that is a goal of mine, I will be posting more details and templates soon.

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